Teachers Gun Ballad
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by John Nippolt
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Johnny was a teacher and to help them understand
he told the little children as he took them by the hand
he held their little hands
He said, "I'm an old man been around for a while
ain't never killed nobody
ain't gonna start now…no need to no how
Known a few gun collectors, some of military mind
my right to bear arms trespassers will find
I'll protect what is mine
I ain't talking about hunting to feed my family
or fighting a war for the land of the free
I'll fight to stay free
Politicians are plenty; like guns there's too many
won't even raise their voices to support gun control
no need for control
They don't even know it, their tongues pull the triggers
would it make any difference were it one of their own
a child of their own
Imagine how scary, making teachers carry
guns into the classroom tell me what have they learned
Where did they learn?
As sure as shooting when the smoke clears away
there'll be blood on their hands for the rest of their days
til the end of their days
You mommies and daddies the questions are clear
you're searching for answers, take a look in your mirror
the answers in there
You want them to grow, become a woman or a man
you got to teach them how to do it without a gun in their hand
no guns in their hands