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John Nippolt
       Are you upset about the war? The one between the Republican party and the President? Washington, as always, rife with scandal, has too many politicians on the payroll who work to fill their pockets now. I don't have a count of how many Republican legislators are running for the office of the president, but with so many of them who are supposed to be at work, why haven't they made a positive impact for America?
       Shouldn't they be at their respective desks going at the tasks they have been elected for? Oh, I'm sorry! They can't attend to their responsibilities because they are too busy fundraising and campaigning to vie for the big job. We all know by now that a politician's real work and number one priority once in office, is to get re-elected...but watching those elephant-sized knuckleheads promising us they will do a better job than the president, is more than I can handle. What credentials do these people have to show that they deserve that office? Running a good campaign? Creating smoke while running a blockade? We have witnessed that most of them can't even do that.
       If these same republocrats claim greatness in 2012, why then, aren't they showing us what they can do right now? They should be running all right; straight to work. None of them are fulfilling their obligation to meet the needs of our nation; I only see catering to the demands of special interest groups and political rhetoric.
       Speaking of war, why aren't we angry enough to get the hell out of the middle east? The officials in Afganistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran, feign interest for our concerns on the surface, but the truth is most of those people hate Americans and want us off their sacred land. To them, Westerners are infidels. Why can't our great political minds spot the trouble? The middle eastern leaders want to hurt us in any way they can. The best way those theocrats have found to date, is to break our economy by having us fight wars that can't be won and that we can't afford, while demanding us to pay for a re-build of their broken social infrastructure. We are so in debt that we can't even fix our own country.
       Must we keep spending tax dollars for wars that are robbing America blind, and foot increased salaries for those numbskulls who perpetuate them? No honest diplomatic ties with any middle eastern country have been established. We have instigated wars in those countries for more than a decade with only death and debt to show for it. We are in worse shape there now than when we started. Don't forget the ever-rising price of oil.
       End the wars and establish not for profit universal healthcare. Take some hints from Thailand. When a baby is born, he or she gets a health card and number right then and there. A free medical exam every year for life with advice and medicine needed to prevent illnesses. If they don't follow medical advice or heed instructions for wellness, they lose their card! The end. Like them, I too believe a healthy society is a solid foundation for a healthy country. America is sick inside.
       I read an article how a man solved his health care problem which made me wonder at the remarkable lack of understanding our elected officials in the U. S. Congress have.
       A 56 year old man decided to take an unknown healthcare law into his own hands by breaking the law. He handed a note demanding a bank teller for the sum of one dollar and some medical help. (Stealing a single dollar from a bank is not a felony) He explained to the teller after handing her the note, he would sit and wait for the police to come and arrest him. He did this because he was very sick and had no healthcare insurance. He worked for seventeen years as a truck driver and was laid off with no pension, retirement benefits, or healthcare.
      While in prison he received needed medical attention free. Hey, it's the law. He will have some surgery and various other ailments will also be attended to. This concept may catch on and be repeated by many of those too sick to work, with no healthcare program for them to get well enough to return to the workplace. He told the judge if he got released too soon, he would go stick up another bank. His plan to better his life by spending these hard times in jail sounds like his answer to our homeless problem. He has decided to "live" in prison until he can collect his social security. By that time, he hopes he will be well enough to go spend the remainder of his days on a beach somewhere. There, my friends is his "American Dream."
       The brother of a friend of mine, a small time criminal by trade, who has spent most of his life in jail, explained, "They don't treat you too bad inside." My point, exactly. Free room and board, free medical, all enabled by whom and for whom? If there is a not for profit state medical program for prisoners that works so well, why wouldn't it follow to have a non-profit state health insurance program for people who don't break the law?
       Those inept power brokers in Congress and their corrupt Wall Street cohorts who continuously intimidate our lives and lifestyle with their intolerable greed make me think it might be time for us to take to the streets again.
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