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      I wonder if some of the reasons so many people used to want to live in America, and thought it was a great country full of opportunity, was that somehow it had the reputation of being a place where, besides many available freedoms, men and women often shared family values, and there was appreciation for hard work, and self reliance, often a faith in God's grace. Added to these were notions of patriotism, good old American know-how, and a trust that government would make every effort to keep our country free, even at the cost of fighting for that freedom, even if only when necessary. People around the world saw America as a place where dreams of a better life could come true, and many times did. Once, America was the one country where people wanted to live if they thought about leaving their homeland. Whatever happened to that image of the U.S.A. that made its citizens proud to be an American, respectful of their country, and hats off for the Stars and Stripes?
      Would it be a stretch of the imagination to make a simple list of some of the reasons for the turmoil and decline and falling of the American way of life, a way of life many believe should be held onto as long as humanly possible, because change is only good if it's for the better.
      There is widespread confusion in religions today. Protestant ministers found to be visiting brothels, Catholic priests abusing children, Muslim terrorists shouting, in the name of God, "Death to Americans." Dearly held institutions are being pressured to change the rules and alter or invent new definitions for marriage, and men having sex with men, and women with women. Popular sporting pastimes seem eager to welcome criminals and drug addicts and spousal abusers into their ranks, hoping for a rise in attendance and net income. Presidents lying to the American people, citing either a "Need to know" reason, or "My private life is none of your business" alibi. Giving free health care and school tuition and welfare money to illegal immigrants seems to have no end in sight. CEO's of large corporations are profiting from government buyouts. Gasoline prices are out of sight, with ridiculous. trumped up excuses as reasons. Convicted felons are being released from prison, citing overcrowding and uncomfortable accommodations. According to news reports, gangs are in control of neighborhoods where drive-by shootings, break-ins, and rape are commonplace. And the bottom line to this whole mess is the waste and mismanagement of the people who are hired by, and who are supposed to answer to, the people who elected them to office. That's the Congress of the United States. Does anyone really believe that the Government has our best interests as their job description?
      The American people are sick and tired of the way the country is being run, and it doesn't matter which party is in control of the White House or Congress or whether the Supreme Court favors Liberals or Conservatives. The Government is taking control of how the country will best measure up to its own partisan agenda, rather than what is best for its citizens. It would be nice if we could muster some hope that this political rhetoric and name calling and blind party-line maneuvering will end. Are there any signs that would give us this hope? Are there any candidates on the horizon that want to work towards regaining the pride we once had in America and the promise of a better future? We need that someone, and we need them to stand up now, to lift America up to the level of greatness where it once was. Is it too late, have we reached a point of no return? Are there too many amongst us who don't care about a greater America? Will we stand by and let that happen?
Laramie Boyd
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