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      California Governor Jerry Brown signs a law allowing for financial aid to students who are in the state illegally and want to go to college. He says, "This is a California that works for everyone." It is noted that these same students struggle to pay for school while fearing deportation. After reading this a second time, it still doesn't make any sense. If I was doing something illegal, and getting paid at the same time, I too would struggle with the fear of being cut off from my pay and being punished for breaking the law in the first place.
      Marijuana growers get an OK from a judge to get petitions signed to put a measure on the ballot to legalize growing the weed. "Pot growers should be treated the same as vineyard growers and breweries." What can you say?
      President Obama calls Congress a 3-ring-circus, while Latino groups express their concern over the fact that he didn't follow through on his pledge to overhaul immigration when he was campaigning. In a speech to a Hispanic group, he made the same pledge again, and admitted his failing the first time around. Where is the credibility?
      In another talk, Obama agreed to target global crime gangs in Mexico, Italy, Japan and the former Soviet Union. I wonder if he's aware of the gang problem in almost every major city in America, and even some smaller towns. If he isn't, someone should clue him in. Will we ever concentrate on the problems in our own back yard before trying to solve the problems of our neighbors next door? I wonder how much this impossible project will cost the taxpayers?
      House Speaker John Boehner says there is no budget stalemate in Congress. He said his latest legislation, if adopted, would settle the current problem. Democrat Harry Reid, at the same time, proposed legislation, backed by the President, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats in Congress. Now that support isn't surprising, is it?
      All Americans are nervous, frustrated and angry over the lack of leadership in Washington. Budget woes, a struggling economy, giveaway programs, lingering stalemates, partisan politics and belligerent attitudes all seem to play a part in the distrust and impatience the people are voicing all across the nation. Is it any wonder then, given the ridiculous decisions and statements judges and Congress and the media often make, why most citizens are really starting to get edgy about the direction America is heading?
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