Spirit, Nature and Science: In That Order!
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 by Jon Burras
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     We are besieged today by many modern conflicts that seem to come from every corner of our society. Simplicity in life seems to have slipped away like the top of an ice cream cone falling to the sidewalk. We are now confronted on all fronts by one challenge after another. The once daunting question "Is your life better than that of your parent's life?" seemed to have shifted from a resounding "Yes" to a bittersweet "No!"
     There can be many astounding evolutions (or de-evolutions) in our world but it seems pretty clear to me what has happened. While we might feel so proud of ourselves for our advanced technological achievements we seem to have more and more problems than ever before. We have become backwards in our thinking and that is taken us astray.
     Our current way of seeing the world is that science comes first. If we ever find a conflict we almost always look for a scientific or technological answer. We spend vast amounts of brain power and resources to train our youth to be the bearers of scientific and technological breakthroughs in medicine, military weapons and environments issues. Science comes first in our world.
     If you cannot find a scientific answer than some people turn to nature as their next form of influence. You might try to kill the pests on your vegetables in your organic farm by importing pest eating lady bugs. Harnessing water from rainfall that strikes your roof is a far more efficient way to have fresh water than pumping it from hundreds of miles away. This is truly living in harmony with nature. If you are resistant to taking pharmaceutical drugs you might turn to natural supplements or herbs.
     Some people eventually resort to spirit as a way to live their life. This could be in the form of prayer or meditation. Being aware of your thoughts to think positively as much as possible will enhance your law of attraction. Living a daily life filled with gratitude is a more wholesome way to be engaged with spirit than looking for things to complain about. Connecting to the spirit world or belonging to a manifestation group are all parts of alignment with the higher mind for your greatest good. 
     While this "science comes first and everything else last" formula might seem normal to most people there is one big part missing. That glowing mistake is that we have it all backwards. The order is wrong in our priorities. We are following a false narrative and paying the price for it. The order of our priorities should be the following; Spirit, Nature, Science. While there are many things that science and technology can do to enhance our lives the reality is that science should be prioritized last and not first.
     What most people do not realize is that most of our modern day problems are actually created by science and the scientific mind. Since we entered into a scientific technology driven world some thirty years ago our problems have only intensified and gotten worse. By placing science at the top and ignoring nature and spirit we remain ignorant to the main reasons for the decline in our human existence.
     In the past a bank robbery or stage coach heist was a big deal. In today's science and technology driven economies we are held up every day. Internet hackers steal billions of dollars each year as ransom ware and credit card thievery have become common occurrences. The days of cattle rustling have been replaced by cyber crimes all due to a scientific technological economy.
     We have a massive problem with addictions in our country. This could be for drugs like marijuana, fentanyl or heroin. It could also be for process addictions like technology addiction, sex addiction or eating disorders.
      While some believe that there are genetic dispositions to this malady, no genetic mutation has ever been found. Instead, we are emotionally incompetent because we do not teach our children to have a working natural relationship with their inner world and their emotional reality. Addictions are all about our inability to feel our feelings and process our conflicts internally. This all stems from a society that does not teach spirit or emotional intelligence yet favors intellect over heart-based wisdom. A society that lived in tune with nature (and our emotional reality) would not need to develop addictions to stay numb. We are taught to live in our heads and not in our hearts.
     Our food supply has become completely tarnished because of science. Fish in the ocean are filled with plastics and mercury derived from a science driven society. Products on store shelves are filled with thousands of scientifically derived additives from MSG to preservatives. Fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticide and herbicide leached soils. Genetically modified foods line the average store shelf. Produce and meats are radiated, waxed, and at times pressure treated with carbon monoxide. Much of our food supply began in a scientific lab designed to alter and change the composition so that it barely resembles food anymore.
     If we made nature more important than science we would all eat locally grown organic foods that are in season. Everything would be fresh and picked by hand and not by machine. The quality of our health would greatly improve as we would avoid an antibiotic laden meat industry and a toxic farm table. The glow to our skin would improve and our eyes would become much clearer. Food is more than just bulk to keep us full. A life where nature is more important than science honors the full value of our food and all of its important life energies that it possesses.
     We are not connected to the earth in our concrete jungles of cars, buses, subways and trains. Office cubicles are death to the spirit. Work has gone from cutting down trees by hand in order to survive to pushing a few buttons while locked in an eight by eight foot cubicle in a windowless building. A nature-based economy would get us out of our asbestos filled buildings to get our hands in the earth and to smell the aromas of nature.
     We continue to worship science like a god. We place science on a high pedestal and create phrases like "trust the science" and "evidence-based science". These phrases are just smoke screens to keep science in power over nature and spirit. The reality is that science is often nothing more than a collection or hunches, guesses and mean averages. Nature does not lie; science does. For instance, we are often told in our science books that the Earth is 93 million miles away from the Sun. The reality is that this is untrue. That is a mean average. Some days the Earth is 95 million miles from the Sun and other days it is 89 million miles away.
     When it comes to health, scientific medicine is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States (behind heart disease, cancer and diabetes). Over 105, 000 Americans die each year just from the proper use of prescription drugs. A nature-based health system almost never kills anyone and should always be tried first before aggressive scientific medicine. For instance, gall bladder surgery is the leading surgery in the United States. Most people can cure their gall bladder without it being removed with some very inexpensive natural solutions. Each year an estimated 700,000 gall bladders are removed, most of them because of aggressive and expensive scientific medicine.
     Some of our most recent international health problems have come from scientific labs and not nature. Many believe that the Covid-19 virus originated in a biochemical lab in China. Others believe that Lyme disease originated in a U.S. government biological weapons lab on Plum Island, located in Long Island Sound just a few short miles from Lyme, Connecticut where the disease was first recorded. In other cases, anthrax, H1N1 (Swine Flu) and small pox have been verified to have leaked from scientific labs to harm the population.
     African bees, far more aggressive than European honey bees, were transported to South America for scientific experiments. They were accidently released. Now all of North and South America are besieged by these aggressive and dangerous bee populations. Other species of insects, animals, viruses and bacteria have either traveled on ships or airplanes and now infest our world. This could never have happened without science.
     In the world of electricity generation we have many problems created by a scientific world. First off, crypto currencies like Bitcoin require extremely large amounts of electricity to "mine" Bitcoins. There are hundreds of different crypto currencies but Bitcoin alone is estimated to require more electricity than the entire country of Argentina. Look at how many nuclear disasters we are now experiencing from Chernobyl, Three Mile Island to Fukishima. The "unthinkable" is already happening now as nuclear waste is spilling into our atmosphere and oceans on a daily basis. Because science demands large amounts of electricity to run its machines we will be paying the price for centuries to come.
     Since the invention of the computer chip we are now at a new level of planetary destruction. Nearly two trillion dollars was spent world-wide in 2020 to militarize the world with high-tech scientific weaponry. This includes ships, planes, missiles and nuclear weapons. All of these scientific advancements have made the world a very unsafe place to be.
     When do we get back to a life of spirit where we do not fear each other and use all of our resources to help one another? When do we begin to teach emotional intelligence so that we are not burdened by addictions and mental health challenges?
     Perhaps we should all take a lesson from the Amish. Living in small communities the Amish do not use electricity or drive cars. They grow their own food and build their own homes. Their food is organic and actually has flavor to it. They are built around community that all support one another. Most people in our modern world are not better off because they can carry a cell phone with them at all times or they have instant access to the internet.
     Is it not time for a reality check? A science-based, head-centered society will not survive. Only one based in nature and in our hearts will ever have a chance. Science should be placed last in our list of priorities. Use it sparingly when you need to but do not rely on it for everything. Find time to be in nature and unplug from the scientific world.  Nature will always tell the truth. Science will continue to fool you.