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 by Frank Shortt
Spider's Dilemma
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        A spider spins its web, knowing that it is a powerful person in its realm. The purpose of spinning webs of entrapment is to catch flies, gnats, etc. for its insatiable appetite. The life of other insects is taken by the venom that the spider injects into them. Then the remaining moisture is sucked out by these eight-legged vampires. Hour after hour, while most others sleep, the spider toils unceasingly building its empire. Sadly, this empire can be swept aside by one swish of a broom.
        Kingdoms on earth are built the same. Monarchs use men to build up their webs of deceit. These empires are built by revenue that will be extracted from future generations. Rulers make promises to the builders of these kingdoms that they will share in the revenue very soon. For some of these builders, only death and destruction abides.
        Every civilization has been built on promises of a better future life. All the time, within these realms, other men are planning the destruction of all that was built up. Greed and cunning of leaders is the cause of the final fall of civilizations, whether spiders, presidents or kings.
        The spider keeps on spinning as though no danger lurks without. Sometimes a spider chooses a fit place for its web, sometimes not. Spiders do not seem to care that danger lurks. Spiders do not care that powerful forces wait to undo all its hopes and schemes. The spider is often suicidal in its efforts.
        Has mankind today become suicidal in their efforts to please those who could possibly provide a little revenue for the sinking ship? Are athletes and performers, not even citizens of this great nation, being allowed to run roughshod over society as a whole? Where do we draw the line? No wonder we are going downhill faster than a roller coaster! Could citizens of this country get away with what the visitors from other countries get away with?
        The spiderís net, and all that it entails, will soon go the way of all temporal things. It will become a wisp of mist! It will disappear, to be replaced by a, seemingly, stronger entity. This will go on as long as evil is tolerated, as long as our leaders try to convince the common man that evil is good, and good, evil.
Sometimes the obvious problem exists because it is not recognized as a problem at all. This is so, just as long as the lawbreaker is bringing revenue into the coffers of government.