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In the telling of what is happening in America, a lot of journalists are pulling out the most negative stories that they can find to discredit the positive that is happening in our neighborhoods. It is hoped that this little article will set things right!

A Muslim couple was detained in India due to some mix-up in their visas in December 2018. Meanwhile at their townhome in San Jose, California their packages from Amazon, and other sources, kept piling up as they had to leave in a hurry to India due to the illness of the manís mother there.  After this couple became settled in India, they contacted an older, bald-headed white man in San Jose, their neighbor, and asked him if he would be so kind as to take in the packages and hold them until such time that they would return. The man did this for them, and when they returned, every package was turned over to them and in excellent shape. This couple brought the man a wonderful souvenir of India in the form of a replica of the boat used in races in their town.

During 2018, a young Hindu girl in San Jose, California, wrote a book about an older, bald-headed white man to express her opinion of him. In the book, complete with illustrations, she mentioned that this man was a positive influence on the neighborhood because he always said hello to everyone he met, he cleaned up trash left by unthinking residents of the community and was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She said that he was especially helpful to the down-and-outers of the area. This girl was in the Second grade! This man and his wife were guests of honor when the Hindu family moved to a larger home. Respect for each other was the key!

In the last week of December 2018, an older bald-headed white man was taking his morning walk. As he walked he noticed that a Punjabi couple was having trouble with their garage door. He walked over and asked them if there was anything he could do to help. They told him that the wife had accidently backed into the door and had pushed it in just enough so that when they tried to close it, it scraped the top of the door frame taking some of the paint off as a result. The old man checked the situation and found that by pulling the door outward at the place of the indentation he was able to straighten the door out enough to save the couple a huge garage door expense. One of the bolts holding the door had been pulled inward also attributing to the problem. The man went back to his house and got a washer larger than the hole made by the problem bolt and taking the bolt out he place the washer over the hole and retightened the nut on the bolt thereby relieving the stress on the door. This couple had just recently moved in to this neighborhood. They have become great friends with the old man because of this act of kindness.

Recently, just before Christmas, a young Persian couple moved into the area where the older bald-headed man lived with his wife. As was his custom, the old man always bought a product called Aplets and Cotlets that only comes out during the holidays. It is a delicious fruit candy and he buys several just to be able to do something special for those he is led to do something special for. When this Persian couple was settled in to their new place, the old man took a box of the candy to them as a moving-in gift. This act of kindness did not go unnoticed by the couple. Around Christmas day this couple visited the older couple, bearing gifts and bringing great news with them. It seems that the young Persian lady is going to give birth to a bouncing baby boy. This will be a great gift to the older couple. The younger couple also invited the old folks to come to their home at any time and the husband, who is a wonderful musician, promised to hold a concert just to honor the older couple.

Another couple from Pakistan who had just recently moved into the neighborhood had left their home and locked the keys inside. An older bald-headed white man just happened along as they were trying to force their garden window open to allow them access to their home. Their efforts were unsuccessful. The old man had retired from the Maintenance/Operation section of a school district and knew a lot about how to gain entrance to a locked door or window. He ran home and got his large screwdriver, which by the way had saved a stranded cat recently from a garage where he had been for six days, and was able to help the couple gain entrance to their home, with minimal damage. They are, needless to say, great friends now!

A seventh grade class in the Evergreen section of San Jose, California recently decided to do something about the deadly fires roaring in the northern part of California. They wished to raise $1800 dollars to give to the Red Cross to help the victims who had lost their homes in the fires. By going class to class, door to door in their neighborhood, they were able to raise over $2000 dollars! This has happened in more than one neighborhood in California. Acts of kindness have become the norm in this fire ravaged state. They have become a National example. These kids have no political axe to grind!

These stories could go on and on. They are happening in every corner of America. These positive stories are being overshadowed by all the negativity written by wannabe journalists who would not know a good story if it bit them in the behind. All they are interested in is tearing down our present government.  Isnít it time for the good guys to stand up and be counted regardless of race, religion, national origin, political persuasion, or status in life. We can take our America back if we will do this. All it takes is a little respect for others!