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          The whole truth about the government "spying" on e-mails and telephone calls hasn't been revealed yet, I'm sure. But as is the case in so many instances of government espionage, it may never be. But hearing words from the President like spying is a "modest encroachment" on our rights leads one to suspect that it is based on a possible policy that the Constitution is "negotiable." Now that makes one pause and ask "What's going on?" Especially when lined up with the current IRS and Benghazi and Syrian situations and resignations of some presidential appointees.
          If it is true that any information gathered by spying is only aimed at those persons "designated as potential terrorists", the question rises as to how this determination is made, unless the e-mails and the phone calls are scrutinized more than the government is letting on. And who or what group decides who a potential terrorist is, especially since it's possible the Department of Homeland Security includes in that category gun owners, ex-military, anti-abortionists, and tax-protestors? Will dissenters be next?
          Are you comfortable with "take a deep breath and calm down" in pleadings by President Obama about the chaos in Washington. Or how about "don't get bent out of shape over this", as Sen. Diane Feinstein attempts to reassure us. Is the current Administration totally out of control, or maybe seeking total control, taking the country downhill like a snowball headed for Hell? Doesn't the President, right now, need to stand before the American people and in simple non-partisan English, open up and tell the truth about what's going on in Washington that is causing suspicion, national unrest and lack of trust and confidence in the government? This is what former president Bill Clinton has urged him to do.
          Even as I write this, I vaguely wonder if someone, somewhere, armed with all the technological gadgets available today, might target me as a "potential terrorist" because of the opinions stated here. Shouldn't we all be concerned about what's going on in Washington under the guise of preventing terrorism, if such is the case, making sure that our unique and hard fought rights and freedoms are not sacrificed in the meantime, as the number and severity of revelations of government abuse seem to be multiplying almost daily. In the war against terrorism, which is a legitimate struggle worldwide it seems, we should remain diligent and protective of the benefits our Constitution guarantees every United States citizen. The President was not elected to have his own way with the Constitution. As his oath of office clearly confirms, he was elected to preserve, protect, and defend it.