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 by Frank Shortt
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They sleep, not knowing the day, neither do they care for tomorrow! One day just runs into another as the great pandemic keeps raging in America. They have begun to say, “All that can be, will be.” They believe that all that is dreamed will somehow manifest without striking a ‘whack’ at a snake!

They care not to even cover their mouth and nose, saying, “If I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!” But, is this the proper attitude? Whatever happened to the ‘will to live’? Where has all America’s gumption gone? Once, when I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains, we were happy to be alive. We looked forward to another day. We always had something planned for tomorrow. We had berries to pick, corn to hoe, potatoes to dig. If we had time we would play. Times have changed as America sleeps!

Morpheus’s arms have become a drug-induced unreality! No longer are we comforted by the wonderful things our mothers taught us. Instead, we watch unhealthy news, on the televisions and the internet, giving us no hope for the future. Do we not see? Do we not know? Happiness is an individual thing! Happiness does not come from ‘things’, but from having something to look forward to. Soon, as we lie slumbering, the day will dawn bringing with it something to uplift us, or defeat us. If we choose, we can take another pill and go back to sleep!

Ah, sleep, you little ones! Allowing Morpheus’ arms to enfold and comfort you, until the day dawn, stunning you, as your dreams become reality. It has been said that healing happens during rest. If this be so, then maybe all America should just go to sleep for a week, then perhaps this Covid-19 thing will go away. No one knows what it is! No one knows where it came from! Some say China. Some say other places. But does it really matter if we are not willing to wage war against it? America has never bothered much about from where her enemies originated, she was just always willing to combat the enemy, period, if she could pinpoint the enemy. It is very difficult to fight the enemy when the soldiery dresses exactly like the regular citizen! Who do you shoot?

As you awaken, walk onward redeeming all the lost days and hours spent slumbering! Do not lose hope. Where there is the smallest light, darkness disappears. We are beginning to see some light! If you have no light, I will lend you some. This is why we are placed on this earth is to share light. It is too bad that when light comes, some deluded ones would rather go into the basement and refuse to accept that there is light! What if the early explorers would have said, “If we sail a certain way, we will just fall off the earth into oblivion?” What if early doctors would have continued to bleed a person’s toe in order to cure disease, thereby refusing the light of new medical discoveries? When we read books, even from the 1900’s, we can see that more light has been shed since the author’s intelligence was enlightened then. There is a new world dawning! We have all possibilities to look forward to. But, we just prefer to sleep! Shakespeare once wrote, as Hamlet despaired, “To die, to sleep-perchance to dream-ay, there’s the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come?” Hamlet was so panicked that he feared that even in death, bad dreams would come to haunt him! Is this the dilemma America finds herself in? Dreams are fleeting! Sleep comes when one is tired enough to fall asleep. But, drug-induced, forced sleep could produce any kind of tragedy! It is sometimes bad enough just to fall asleep naturally!

It is time that America awoke to stark reality! If we expect politics to help us, we lean on a sharp stick! If we expect big business to help us, “Ay, there’s the rub”! We have been waiting on that for centuries! So what is the answer? Seek real Truth! Keep it for yourself! Lean on that!