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 by Laramie Boyd
Signs of the Times
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        Matthew 16:3 asks, "Ye can discern the face of the sky, but can ye not discern the signs of the times?" And those, who are many, who either don't see the signs because they can't put two and two together, or don't want to see them for some political or religious or personal reason, hopefully will wake up and watch and listen and react before it's too late. What's happening in America is nothing short of frightening. Do not be fooled by politicians who say, "Everything is just fine." Beware of politicians who say, "We are better off now than we were eight years ago". And beware of politicians who blame Donald Trump for the current state of the Union, as he hasn't been the president of the United States for the last 8 years. Trump's campaigning ideology just could be a result of the chaos and government approved downgrading of the moral and social values of the country, not the cause of it, lest you say what's happening nationwide are signs of progress, and greater freedom and participation on the part of its citizens. Wake up, America, if that's your mantra!
        The signs of change for the worse are the one transparency that exists, as government boondogglery and shenanigan secrets are well kept from public view. Liars and cheaters are rampant in Washington D.C., and in every Capitol across the country. Billions of dollars are sent to countries that have no regard for the U.S., while homeless American citizens struggle. Lawbreakers are being let out of prison by the droves, before their sentence is fulfilled. Freedom of speech has been muffled such that it is hardly recognized on the streets of every riot-torn city, as most all language nowadays is based on racial complaints, whether justified or not. And voters don't seem to care if a candidate for office has broken laws and been in unsavory clandestine crookery, as they give these violators their vote regardless.
        Welfare has become a way of life in families who could, but won't, work. Unlawful protestors have gained the advantage over those hired to quell the peaceful assemblies that turn vicious and life threatening. Non-citizens are gaining the right to vote given by the party who gives away other benefits to them, for guess what, their votes. And don't go changing the definition of illegals. Illegals are those who came into our country illegally. Period. Some mindless elected officials want to give known terrorists the same rights as regular citizens. Some elected officials want to take away guns from the citizenry so that, I can only guess, then only the criminals and the government would be armed and ready to put down widespread policy dissenters.
        Christmas decorations have been disallowed all across the country. Athletes in all major professional sports are allowed to play on in spite of domestic violation and other criminal charges. Budgets for defense of the U.S. are being cut, as other countries arm and threaten the United States, and our leaders stay mute. Criminals in prison get free condoms for their use on each other, and Elementary school children can use either boys or girls restrooms, which ever gender they feel they fit. The President of the United States publicly proclaimed support of this change in the privacy of bathroom rights of children. And to no surprise to some, adults who have done whatever is done to say they changed their gender, they may choose the restroom of their choice also.
        Is there no end to the attacks on our rights and privileges and responsibilities, and enforcement of the law, and the wide open, amoral anything goes fever spreading across our once grand and glorious America, the place where citizens were once proud to live in and be from? Are we no longer a Rule of Law nation? Are we a nation of rising crime and falling standards, broken cities and failing schools, where laws are so often broken and enforcement is so often stymied? And our president seems to want to crawl and apologize for deeds done in the past that saved the world from crazed leaders of foreign countries who would conquer and subdue democracies if not for those very deeds, as in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that ended WWII that Japan started against the U.S. What a legacy that is for the President of the United States.
        As anyone who has eyes and ears should know, the November election could pave the way for more of the same as the last eight years. And the alternative is smack dab in the middle of the unknown.