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 by Laramie Boyd
Show A Little Respect
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            The sleepy little town of Rancho Mirage in the Coachella Valley awoke yesterday to the sound of a jet aircraft delivering President Donald Trump to the estate of billionaire Larry Ellison. The two men planned to play a little golf and hold a fundraising session afterward. As expected, this event rallied both supporters and protest demonstrations along Highway 111 near Palm Springs, California.

          Although no arrests were reported, it didn't take long before signs and sounds became evident that showed the intensity of differing points of view of the bystanders who lined the streets of the presidential motorcade. The protesting placard carriers and shouters left nothing to the imagination with their rancid slogans in living color. Here are a few examples:

         - Make America great again! DUMP TRUMP!

          - Traitor





          - You are not King. Liar, Liar, Pants on fire

           - "Support of Donald Trump endangers the well-being of women, immigrants, communities of color, the environment, LGBTQ and trans communities, disabled people, and workers everywhere."

           - Four more years  LOCK HIM UP

          - Vote/dump the liar/traitor

           - Trump is liar, cheater, racist, fraud, corrupt, danger, too many to list


It seems there is no gray area there. But the Trump supporters also had their say with these comments and signs:

         - "I'd love to play golf with him, but I'd have to sell my house out here to go golfing with him."

         - COWGIRLS for TRUMP

          - "Cool. A once in a lifetime experience."

         - "I love him more than anything in the world."

          - "We love our President Trump. It's good to show respect and support for our country and president."

          - "I didn't sleep last night."

          - "We believe he fights for us every single day, under the most vicious and lying attacks and he just wades into battle for        us every single day."

           - VOTE for our FUTURE

         In summary, "This is what democracy looks like", as one supporter hoped: disagreement, different opinions, peaceful demonstrations, the right to peaceably express opposing viewpoints and to agree to make any changes only by way of the ballot box, not via revolution. There are those among us who seem to believe otherwise. Let's be watchful of them, and hope that as the President travels around this great country, he garners a bit of respect from the opposition. The President of the United States deserves at least that.