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 by Frank Shortt
Seems To Me
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        It seems that America has over-extended its borders in all directions. This all was done attempting to police the known world.
        Why are we supporting countries, who in the past have been the aggressors? Are we trying to buy allies who, in reality, hate us? When the news is played, about countries that we are fully in support of, why do they always show demonstrators on newscasts carrying anti-American placards? Why do they show the angry men, who we support, burning the American flag? Seems to me America could do a much better job of policing this. 
        When I was a young man serving in the United States Air Force, we were shown films of smaller countries blackmailing the United States. If America suddenly cut back aid to these smaller countries they would retort, “We will just go to Russia or China for our aid.” This was blackmail, plain and simple. I am sure that many people do not remember those days! Seems that a lot of things that helped to break America’s economy is never mentioned these days. ‘The Mouse that Roared’ was not far off the mark.
        Is this what is happening now? Just because we have pulled back from Iraq and Afghanistan, is this why these countries go to enemies of the U.S. to buy their arms? It seems to me!
        We entered W.W. One because Germany was overrunning our allies, France and England. This war put us into a debt that took years to pay. It seems we are still paying in one way or another.
        We were pulled into W.W. II because Germany was overrunning our allies, France again!?
        This war cost us countless trillions of dollars. There is still not an accurate accounting of all that was spent on that war. It seems there never will be.
        It was, to my understanding, during the Vietnam War, that the only reason our troops were sent there was to protect the tin and tungsten interests of a few, powerful American entrepreneurs, as well as the interests of some of our allies. It seems to me that France (again?) sure pulled a great one on us by starting a war they could not finish, called for advisors, then, pulled out leaving America to hold the bag. It seems that this happens too often where that the U.N. will be gung-ho for a war, then pull out leaving the greatest burden on America, for example, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
        This is why America is trillions, yes, trillions of dollars in debt to China and mostly to the World Bank. Who controls the World Bank?
        It seems to me that someone is profiting by having America fight its wars. We even liberated Italy from the Germans in WW Two, and Italy was an ally of the Nazis. Yes, their leader, Mussolini, was one of the Big Three, Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo of Japan. It seems that we soon forget who our enemies were and who we liberated but received no compensation whatsoever.
        I seem to remember the U.S. helping to liberate China from the Japanese prior to W.W. Two. Where is the compensation?
        Some folks tell me I think too much. Maybe I do. It just seems to me that something is definitely wrong in the world systems and someone is not paying much attention to what has, and is, happening.