Season's Implications
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 by Frank Shortt
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In age old stories, from long past
We're told of a child who was born
In a stable, in Bethlehem,
Placed in a manger, where cows ate!

We today could not fathom that!
We're born in sterile, pleasant rooms,
With everything at hand to help
Assure us of good life ahead!

Shepherds came with smell of ovine
From their trek upon barren plains
First to visit, first to worship,
This baby wrapped in swaddling cloth!

Why shepherds? Why lowly people?
They came to see a Lamb, their charge,
The only thing they cared about!
Revealed by Heavenly chorus!

Later, Wise men from Eastern Realms,
Brought gifts of gold, frankincense, myrrh,
Gold to crown Him, frankincense for
A sweet savor, what he is now.

Myrrh, spoke of his great sacrifice
He would make in his later life.
These gifts tell us to do the same
Toward our fellow human kind!

The Christmas Story's not complete
Without all of us who now live,
Doing works our Forerunner did,
Being martyrs for each other!