Science and Technology are Killing Us
Jon Burras
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"The Five Pillars of Healing"
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            Nearly five-hundred years ago it was a known fact that the world was flat. At that time, leeches were still used to cure disease, the average life span was about thirty-eight years and the earth was still considered to be the center of the Universe.

            Science is a belief system that has been around for a few hundred years. Coming into prominence nearly four-hundred years ago, the scientific model has gained unparallel momentum to become the leading guidance system in industrialized societies over the last one-hundred years.

            In addition, the technology revolution has become the biggest and loudest movement that we have seen for quite some time. The birth of the computer chip and the high-tech revolution over the last thirty years have created a rather robust marriage between science and technology.

             It would be hard to argue against the fact that science and technology have added much value to our lives in the last few hundred years. Scarcely anyone would want to return to the "horse and buggy era," homes without indoor plumbing or clothes made from animal skin. We can all enjoy the many benefits of living in an age where science and technology have created comfort, knowledge and ease to our lives. For instance, there is nothing more gratifying than an "off the grid" home using solar panels to heat the home and providing "free" electricity and hot water from the sun. Your "all electric" car is powered by the home's rooftop solar panels and you are now enjoying the greatest benefits that science and technology have to offer.

            If one is to praise science and technology for their contributions then you must also acknowledge the dark side of this two headed monster. While adding a considerable value to society, most people do not realize that most of our societal problems are actually caused by science and technology. It is science and technology that are at the forefront of killing us.

            Just walk into any grocery store and notice the scientification of the food supply. Aisle after aisle you will find nothing but products that hardly look like food anymore. Scientific specialists working in laboratories have engineered artificial foods to look appealing, taste sweet and give us much comfort. We are bombarded with advertising promoting these products as healthy alternatives. After stripping away, boiling and chemically destroying most of the healthy nutrition in a product, scientists then add a few vitamins or minerals and call their processed food "fortified" or "enhanced." All of this comes at the expense of real nutrition.

            Look at the historic and rapid rise in obesity and diabetes. More and more people are turning away from natural organic foods and instead are consuming scientifically processed packaged foods. As an abundance of artificial foods and “fast” foods are being eaten the body is suffering. Artificial sweeteners, coloring agents, preservatives and emulsifying formulas make these artificial foods look and taste appealing, but at what cost? From diet sodas to “fast” food, foods that promise reduced calories to "energy drinks," the scientification of food has taken its toll. As science has been able to remove more and more of the nutrition from food, these processed products are able to endure a longer shelf life.  Disease is on the rise partially due to science tinkering with food.

            Have you noticed the trends with "energy drinks?" These media driven products are another way to quickly infuse a burst of sugar into the body, providing the product user with an artificial sense of a rush of energy. This rush happens until the sugar crash comes quickly after, by which the user will need another fix of "energy drink" to recover from the first crash.

            Even the standard institutionalized sports drinks and beverages loaded with vitamins and minerals are frequently nothing more than a glorified sugar cocktail. Often infused with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose and an assortment of other additives, many athletes use these products to "power" their way through their training and "aid" them in their endurance. In fact, a product called Vitamin Water contains 125 calories and 33 grams of sugar. (A serving of 12 oz. of Coke has only 30 grams of sugar and 110 calories). In addition, the second leading ingredient in Vitamin Water is Crystalline Fructose, a sweetener that contains no fructose at all but instead is derived from corn starch and is a close relative to high fructose corn syrup. There have been many studies that have concluded that high fructose corn syrup and crystalline fructose produce many harmful consequences to the body. Vitamin Water is marketed as a healthy alternative to a traditional soda.

        The technological Green Revolutionthat began over fifty years ago promised to increase agricultural yields and feed a starving world. Neither has happened. Soils have become so eroded by the perpetual dumping of artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that crops have lost much of their nutritional value. A wheat plant some one-hundred years ago contained about ninety-percent protein. Now, the same wheat plant that comes from a field continuously polluted with scientific chemicals, consists of about ten-percent protein. A field of spinach in 1950 yielded 150 mg. of iron per 100 grams of spinach. Today’s crop, heavily laden with pesticides and herbicides which destroy the soil, contains only about 1 mg. of iron per 100 grams of spinach. Non-organic farmers do not sell you nutrition and there is little concern for the “quality” of the farm product. Science-based commercial farmers are paid by the weight or the size of the plant and not the mineral or vitamin content within. Science and technology continue to erode the food supply providing fewer nutrients to consumers.

            We are bombarded every day by immense waves of eletro-magnetic pollution that comes from electric transmission towers, computers, satellites and cell phones. In fact, the average cell phone is actually a microwave oven that cooks your brain. Many cell phones embark a warning when first purchased. This warning says that you should not keep the phone close to your body or when using the phone it should be away from your ear. The manufacturer of the Apple iPhone 4 recommends keeping the phone at least 5/8 inch away from your head. Blackberry Bold's warning label advises users to keep the phone at least 0.98 inches away from your head. Studies have shown that a four-minute cell phone conversation can heat your brain up by seven degrees.

            Remarkably, we give these tiny microwave ovens to our children whose skulls are much thinner and the radiation penetrates much deeper. The technological world does not think this is a problem. Could we be seeing a major epidemic of brain cancer in the coming years due to all of this cooking of our brains? Are these tiny communicators really that "smart?"

            If cell phone radiation were not enough to worry about, new studies reveal the potential harmful affects of using a laptop computer. Placing a laptop on your lap as intended will cause your body to absorb large amounts of EMF radiation. Can your reproductive health be at risk because of these high-tech devices?

            Science and technology have made it their business to cure disease. Interestingly, there are more and more diseases than ever before and virtually few scientific cures. Despite massive amounts of money spent on scientific research each year, the scientific model of curing disease has been an absolute failure. One needs to look no further than the cancer model to understand why. According to Ty Bollinger in Cancer: Step Outside the Box, only 3% of people are actually cured of cancer when using chemotherapy and radiation. The vast majority of people diagnosed with cancer will succumb to this disease or die from radiation or chemotherapy poisoning. In the United States alone, thirty-five to forty percent of people will be dead before five years have elapsed after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Many more will die after the five year mark has passed but they were considered "cured." Others will go into remission and will die ten to twenty years later of a new cancer that has "suddenly” and "unexpectedly" arisen. Most scientific medical doctors do not believe there to be a link between the two cancers.

            The death of Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2011, is sure to raise some eyebrows. According to Mike Adams of, when first diagnosed with cancer, Jobs reportedly tried several alternative approaches. He soon gave up that route and enrolled completely into the science and technology program. Jobs first underwent surgery to remove his tumor. He was proclaimed "healed" of cancer. The cancer came roaring back. He then went on to receive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. The world watched as Jobs continued to look sicker and sicker. When those scientific treatments failed his scientific medical team decided to give him a liver transplant. Ultimately that failed too. Steve Jobs had more money than almost anyone on the planet and could hire the best scientific medical team that money could buy. They still could not save him. Could it be that a man who had dedicated much of his life to science and technology was ultimately killed by science and technology? Unfortunately, Jobs was not alone in being a casualty of the scientificWar on Disease campaign.

            Every cancer is curable, including pancreatic cancer. There are many natural cures to cancer that are proven and effective. Steve Jobs and millions of others have decided to put their faith in a scientific system that is a failure. Natural and proven cures for cancer and other diseases are often persecuted by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Imagine all of the money lost to those who get rich from sick people. The Cancer Mafia, responsible for suppressing natural cures, consists of the AMA (American Medical Association), drug companies, FDA and cancer hospitals. The scientific model is a failure yet most continue to place their hope and trust in it.

            Science is fundamentally a closed system. While there are many open-minded scientific paradigms and practitioners, these are the exception and not the rule. This might include a science-based hospital that has added massage, yoga, meditation and acupuncture as alternative treatments.    

            Science, for the most part, does not like to be challenged. It shuns away from natural choices and alternative realities, often condemning them as "evil" or aligning with government agencies to persecute them. This explains why may people are not aware of natural and proven healing alternatives. The scientific community does not want to lose its grip on power and natural choices in healing are often ridiculed, condemned or persecuted. The fact that science is fundamentally a closed system does not allow for equal status of scientific methodologies to exist side by side with natural choices. When you do find that natural choices exist alongside of scientific ones, usually the scientific hierarchy attempts to control and dominate the natural alternative.

            For instance, a scientific based physician will control the natural choice by writing a prescription for a patient to receive a massage or an acupuncture treatment. A reverse paradigm would be for an acupuncturist to write a prescription for a patient to go have surgery. The current scientific domination model would never allow this.

            Acting as a closed system, science often resembles the Inquisition that began in the Twelfth Century. It was here that the Catholic Church in Europe declared war on all "heretics." A "heretic" was considered anyone who opposed church views, was suspicious, dangerous or someone the Church just wanted to get rid of. Hence, millions of women were burned at the stake, often their only crime being that they owned a cat. Healers, authentic thinkers, members of other faiths, mystics and emerging scientists themselves also received this same harsh punishment.

            Surprisingly, the Inquisition continues today, only this time the scientific hierarchy is leading the charge. Aligned with drug companies and federal agencies like the FDA, the scientific model continues to condemn and silence natural wisdom. Raw milk dairies and co-ops are shut down by the scientificatedpasteurized milk industry. Drug company’s profits are threatened when vitamin and supplement companies become popular so the scientifically driven government agencies close in and shut their doors, often raiding these wellness clinics with machine guns drawn. People are denied access to real food (like raw milk) and are instead manipulated into purchasing junk foods (like processed imitation foods).

            Stress is considered the primary source of all auto-immune diseases. Surprisingly, science and technology have been at the forefront of creating our stress for us. This movement has taken place over the last one-hundred years or so with the medicalization of birth. As science, technology and patriarchy have merged together, women's natural instincts of birthing and raising children have been stripped from them. (Patriarchy is the belief in domination over others, mainly over women, children, animals and nature). Mostly male, science-minded medical doctors have manipulated women into believing that a hospital birth is the best and safest choice.

            In nature-based societies women come together to birth their young. There are no hospitals, men or technology around. This is a relaxed and soothing environment. A child is then kept close to the parent or other trusted family member, often hung in a sling on one's back or sleeping in the parent's bed or hammock, perhaps for several years. This supportive behavior instills in the child that the world is a safe and trusted place. The Relaxation Response is now firmly rooted in place because of natural conditioning.

            Birth is not a show. A natural birth often takes place without drama, relatives in attendance and a video camera. The scientific model has convinced women that hospitals are a safe and trusted place to give birth. Interestingly, according to the CIA World Fact book, the United States currently ranks number forty-six in infant mortality rates among all countries worldwide. Spending more money on health care than any other country and having most of its children born in hospitals has not increased the infant mortality rate. The countries that do best are the ones where most children are born at home or in birthing centers. Most of the complications at birth are actually caused by the scientific medical system. After all, how can you pump drugs into a woman's body and not expect the unborn child to feel the affects from them?

            The medicalization of birth and the scientific way of raising children has neglected the emotional needs of the child. The human species is the only mammal to have abandoned its children at birth. No other mammal would leave a child alone at night. This practice imprints in the child theStress Response, where the child must be on guard and cannot let go and relax. Once the Stress Response becomes firmly rooted in place, other catastrophic events begin to transpire. The immune system continues to break down causing sickness and disease. A person will develop addictions as a way to numb out from the constant pressure of having to watch one's back continually. Mental health issues will continue to take hold as a child feels unsafe inside and his body chemistry begins to become altered. The scientific hijacking of birthing and raising children has ignored the emotional needs of a child and is at the root of most physical and emotional problems that later develop.

            The irony is that the scientific model of birthing and raising children has produced generations of people who remain frozen in stress since birth. The science model then attempts to step in and save the day by creating more and more drugs to treat the symptoms of a "stressed out" individual, (Ritalin for ADHD, Ativan for anxiety disorders, Prozac for depression, Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction, etc.).

            We remained drugged out by our technology as well. From email addiction, text messaging addiction, "app" collection addiction, scientific research addiction and many more technological modalities, technology keeps you from relaxing and from being at ease. When you are constantly on guard for the phone ringing or a new email arriving, it is as if you are guarding the castle waiting for an imminent attack. You are unable to relax and remain in a state of hyper-vigilance. Fear of an internet attack by a "hacker" looms ominously in the back of your head. Worms, Trojan horses and viruses are a threat to your security as if your castle is about to be invaded. Fear of a bank robbery has been replaced by fear of being "hacked into" and your accounts ransacked. "Technological fear" is the new social neurosis. Constant states of fear will wear your body down.

            What happened to the "gone fishing" or "out to lunch" signs placed on the front door? You seldom see anyone relaxing at the beach any more without being plugged into their technology. Now we seldom know how to unplug from our responsibilities and the Stress Response remains activated, weakening the immune system and leading to more and more diseases. Technology keeps you in a state of danger, ultimately leading to your demise. The more technology that has been created the more we perceive our world as unsafe and dangerous.

           We have seen the rapid rise of the pharmaceutical drug culture in the last few decades. In the years past, new drugs were first tested on Europeans. Now those new drugs use Americans as laboratory experiments. There are side effects associated with every drug. WhileAmerica has only about five percent of the world's population, Americans consume over fifty percent of the world's drugs. This is having a devastating affect on the health of the population. Not only are people's body's being overwhelmed with drugs, but many municipal water districts are finding higher and higher concentrations of drugs in their water supply, as there are no adequate filtration systems to filter out water that started as sewage and ended up being recycled.

            Gary Null, noted health advocate, claims in his study "Death by Medicine," that 783,936 Americans die each year from Western scientific medicine. Thirty-eight thousand people are suspected to have been killed by the drug Vioxx alone. These deaths are at the hands of medical doctors practicing scientific medicine, drug companies and their harmful products, hospitals and the spread of germs and many other scientific systems. Many people die from unsuccessful surgeries that include lifesaving as well as elective surgeries like liposuctions or facelifts. At least 16,500 Americans die each year from taking over the counter NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like aspirin or ibuprofen). Over 107,000 Americans are hospitalized each year from these very same NSAIDs. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) alone is responsible for nearly 450 deaths each year.

            One needs to look no further than the zealous cholesterol campaign. Cholesterol lowering drugs called statins do very little to reduce the risk of heart attacks. They do, however, have tremendous side effects like muscle weakness, memory loss and will significantly increase your cancer risk. Yet, while prescribed to millions, these highly profitable drugs have potentially fatal consequences. Every drug has potential side effects that are often written in legal jargon that is pages long. We often ignore these warning signs and deny that this will ever happen to us.

            Noted herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze warns us of the dangers of the flu shot. Schulze says that before the flu shot was introduced some thirty years ago nearly twenty-thousand people died of flu related symptoms each year. Now, after millions rush to get their annual flu shot, nearly forty-thousand people die each year from flu related symptoms. The scientific apologists will tell you that they do not believe that there is a link between flu shots and the dramatic rise in flu related deaths. Maybe these science-minded individuals have not looked at the ingredients in the flu shot. What is in the flu shot you might ask? According to Dr. Richard Schulze, the following are the ingredients in the flu shot:



Ethylene Glycol (radiator fluid)

Carbolic Acid


( What's Wrong With The Flu Shot?)

            We also have a vaccination epidemic that is now occurring. If you were born in 1960 you would have received about eighteen vaccinations by the time you were twenty years old. Today's child will have had at least fifty-six vaccinations by the onset of adulthood. As vaccinations have increased dramatically so have autism rates. The orthodox scientific community refuses to admit that vaccines have anything to do with autism. Some seven percent of people are reported to have adverse reactions from vaccines, either diseases like autism or even death.

You might wonder, if drug companies had so much confidence in their products (vaccines), why have they lobbied for and been granted immunity when a person is injured or killed by a vaccine? This special fund set up for vaccine compensation claims is called The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, paid for by tax payer dollars. Because of the cozy relationship between drug manufacturers and politicians, no drug company executive has ever been held accountable for the dangerous drugs his company produces. The politicians just "pay off" those who have been killed or harmed by the vaccine while the scientific community is busy at work concocting their next batch of poisonous soup to sell to a naive public.

            It was Albert Einstein who said, "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Yet, that is exactly what we are doing. The science and technology model is creating most of our problems and we continue to rely on this very same model to try to fix them. It is as difficult for a science-minded individual to imagine a world outside of science as it is trying to explain to a fish that there is world outside of water. The viewpoint of science has a difficult time envisioning a world that has nothing to do with science.

            One could argue that it is not necessarily science and technology to blame but our immaturity and unconsciousness that does not know how to properly utilize science and technology. We cannot continue to place science and technology above natural wisdom. Science and technology work best when they attempt to understand and blend with nature (like in rooftop solar panels) and not in trying to conquer or suppress nature.

            This addictive dependence on science and technology is not working. If one piece of play ground equipment injures or kills a child then that device (and all similar devices elsewhere) are quickly removed and labeled as "dangerous" or "unsafe," never to return to the play ground again. Yet we continue to allow harmful and deadly scientific and technological systems, products and devices to play key roles in our lives, often with deadly consequences. It took science and technology five-hundred years to gain the prominence that they have achieved to this day. Will it take another five-hundred years for us to realize what a folly that decision has become?


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