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Sarah Palin's words
         She’s pretty, she’s appealing and now she’s rich – hardly booming endorsements to be elected President of the United States . Yet, there’s still a remote possibility that Sarah Palin could not only run for President, but, if the planets aligned in just the looniest manner, Sarah Palin could, one day, become President of this wondrous country. Egad, a sobering, frightening consideration.
          My bet is that even dedicated, hard-core Republican conservatives see the peril of the eventuality of a Palin presidency. But, then again…
          Palin, bless her, has so far, contributed two words to the annual “List of Words to Be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Over-use and General Uselessness” compiled by Michigan ’s Lake Superior State University . Given her comparative youth, I’m sure that Ms. Palin will contribute more gems of uselessness in coming months.
          Palin’s most current linguistic offerings that the group has chosen to do without are “refudiate” and “momma grizzlies.”
          With apologies to Mammy Yokum, Li’l Abner’s mother, Palin has graciously donated these revealing banterings from her apparently limited vocabulary to the lexicon of American misuse.
          Americans can envision Ms. Palin, standing on the Capitol steps, with hand on bible, reciting the oath of allegiance as she accepted the title of President of the United States . “I do somnualy swear, or reform, that I will execute the office of the Represent of the United States and will, to the best of my agility, prefer, project and refend the Constitution of the United States.”
          The vision of Ms. Palin repeating the oath of allegiance with her dark hair flowing wildly in the winter winds should be enough to persuade any voter in which direction to cast his or her ballot.
          While we’re at it, we should mention the other selections chosen to be eliminated from our vocabulary. Leading the pack is “viral,” a word whose usage has spread like crabgrass in April.
          Other selections hopefully doomed are “live life to the fullest.” “BFF” (best friends forever). “Man up.” And “Facebook/Google” used as verbs.
          My favorite to never be used again is “I’m just saying.” This ubiquitous phrase is used in a number of ways. My un-favorite way is when someone is making a point in a conversation and another person corrects, interrupts or challenges. The primary speaker intercedes in return with the retort, “I’m just saying.” We know you’re just saying, you don’t need to make that point again. We get it.
          Which brings us back to Ms. Palin. I wish her well in her current avocation. Let the dollars roll in to her family coffers. Let her support or oppose politicians. Let her and her family members dance for dollars and let her accompany televised tours of her Alaska .
          All I ask is that she doesn’t do anything that would cause her to “refudiate” it later.