Same Old, Same Old
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         Same old, same old. Tiger woods wants to return to his glory days on the PGA tour, which as all of us over fiftyish ex-athletes have eventually learned, can't be done, no matter how hard we try or how many private coaches we hire and fire, or how great we used to be. If Tiger is waiting to make a triumphant return to competitive golf and recapture the greatness of his youth, in spite of his removing gentlemanly play from the game, he may as well be trying to find the Land of Oz. Tiger, it won't happen, trust me. But you can go right ahead and keep your golfing fans spellbound, in suspense, waiting for the magic day when you win 3 or 4 tournaments a year again. It could happen any day now, I guess, right? And no thanks for the memories,
         And Serena Williams, returning to the BNP Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells after a 14 year absence. Was she humbly forgiving her tennis fan subjects for booing her family for feigning injury to a withdrawing Venus so Serena could take the win then? But this time, it was Serena who claimed injury, in the same round as 14 years ago, withdrawing from the tournament, giving what Shad Powers of a Palm Desert newspaper called a "nonchalant" forgiveness speech to a crowd waiting for a correct explanation. He asked, was she "sticking it to the Indian Wells crowd one last time before never coming back?" (Please tell me that's not in the back of her mind.) Then just 1 week later, she was playing in the Miami Open, hale and hearty as ever, winning her way to the finals in that tournament. A quick recovery you say?
         Oh well, we have bigger fish to fry, don't we? Like when, not if, Iran will break their word on any nuclear pact they "agree" to. Will Hillary be our next president despite her spin tactics on Benghazi, her e-mail erasures, and her Bill/Monica legacy? Will we ever get back our freedom of speech rights, our rights to disagree and to say so, whether what we say is "politically correct" or not? Will the United States ever regain the worldwide respect, and pride, Americans once felt in being citizens of this great country before Barack Obama stumbled into the presidency? Do you care about the downgrading happening in this country? If you really care, raise your hands high and say "I care." (Please, don't dignify the looters' lies slogan with, "Don't Shoot.")