Rumblings From the Bowels of the Earth
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 by Frank Shortt
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Who knows what lurks within the bowels of Mt. Lassen? Each day there are thousands of sulphuric emanations spewing yellow, orange, and gold!

Years of restraint has held the beast of eruption inside her. Forms of watery creations have tainted earthís landscape. Is it her future design to erupt again? Are those spewings, shakings, and boisterous growls precursors of fury cupped inside her?

Lassen spouted her insides out beginning on May 30, 1914 and the last episode ended in 1917! In 1915 more than 150 explosions, of various sizes, happened. We cannot rest assured that Lassen will not blow her top soon. There is always activity on the red zone of which Lassen is a part of. The bubbly pots around her base are only reminding us that she could erupt at any time.

It could be days, weeks, months, or possibly one hundred years before Lassen decides to unleash her ferocity? Scientists have been baffled by her reluctance to belch her passion.

Oh, majestic, glorious mystery hiding the true nature of her being! How similar is manís uncertainty as shooting after shooting has occurred in schools, theaters, arenas, shopping malls, and anywhere else a crowd might gather! Mankind has grown as fickle as Lassen during the duration of the latest pandemic. Who will explode, and when will they explode? Even countries who we thought our friends for years have suddenly exploded into accusations and threats of all-out war! There is no loyalty among constituents in politics. They seemingly change their minds at the slightest whim. If there was no law, and very slim at that, they would pull the trigger on each other at the earliest opportunity!

We wait patiently for Lassen to show her stuff! We also wait patiently, sometimes not so patiently, for the next outbreak of violence in our midst! We know it is coming, but when? With Lassenís erosion, it is said that she will exceed Vesuviusí horrendous explosion covering a whole city with the silt and ashes created by the tremendous heat of her eruption. Volcanologists are still piecing together the magnitude of Vesuviusí belching, and archeologists are still finding bits and pieces of evidence of her awful rage!

With all the outrage and outbursts of men today, who will be around to piece together the story of America with all her splendor, her beauty, her laxness, her welcoming arms, and her failures? Men are hoping, well, some men, that all this unrest will cease soon and we can get back to a normal way of life. We shall see!