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 by Frank Shortt
Rubbishy Roadways
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          Somehow it just doesn’t seem right, looking from a Taxpayer’s point of view. Why are our streets and roads in such trashy condition? San Jose, including Evergreen, once had sweepers come by once in a while to remove the rubbish from the gutters. Drains used to be cleaned before winter rains as a preventive measure. Trees used to be trimmed along roadways so one could see traffic signs.
         VTA is hard put to even provide service to our community. They do not have the funds to also remove graffiti and the roadway trash that is unwittingly thrown out by passing motorists. It seems that there is no pride of community anymore.
         Suggestions have been made to the powers that be to use incarcerated individuals to clean up the trash and graffiti. It is for certain that most folks who are locked up in our many places of detainment would rather be outside cleaning up than be inside a stuffy cell. From the taxpayer’s point of view, why not? Would we rather they be ‘working out’ in exercise rooms building up their muscles for their next escapade? It is for sure that there are some very talented souls who are locked up in our jails. There must be gardeners, painters, and almost any profession that could be named. These questions beg for answers.
         Do we not have deputies who could be with the incarcerated ones to insure they do not escape? Are there not enough funds to buy water and food for these individuals? Or, is it a union matter?
         Taxes keep going up on everything we use. More is spent on jails and prisons than for the upkeep of the communities, including education.
         Just driving from San Jose to Los Angeles on Highway 101 is an appalling experience. There is everything from shopping carts to produce boxes lying in our gutters. There is graffiti on every wall and overpass between here and there.
         Are any graffiti artists ever caught red-handed? If they are caught, is there a penalty for their pre-meditated crime? A law without a penalty is NOT a law. Would it not make much more sense to sentence these individuals to paint the whole section that they were so willing to deface? 
         These are just a few questions which cross the minds of law-abiding, caring citizens. What is the answer? Who is being held responsible? Any manager, boss, etc. has someone to answer to. Are there not certain departments appointed to these details? It seems there is a great lack of accountability.
         Maybe our newly elected officials in the coming election would care to answer these and other questions from our weary taxpayers.