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       Both of my parents, my uncles, aunts and my grandmother were Democrats. They adored Franklin Delano Roosevelt. I grew up thinking that most people of sound and logical mind were also Democrats. The picture I had in my mind was rudimentary – Democrats are for the average guy, the average family and the Republicans were for the rich and big business. It was all that simple. I thought this way until I was twenty four years old.
       At that age I began listening closer to the news, to the speeches at political conventions, to presidential oratory and to candidates for all political office.
       It began to appear to me that the real differences between the two parties, and, in fact, the two parties plus the Independents, was an arbitrary division. Upon election many members of each party acted, voted and created programs that they had previously criticized as belonging to the opposition party. What candidates said, quite often, represented only what they thought would get them elected.       
       In my late twenties I removed my name from the rolls of Democrats and declared myself an Independent voter. My thinking was that I could pick and choose from a selection of Democrats and Republicans. From that I could select whom I think would best serve me and my country.
       Looking back I see that many elected presidents campaigned on the errors of the preceding office holders were elected on the basis of that criticism only to continue, and in some cases increased, the very programs that his predecessor was lambasted for originating. In short, the new president got elected by finding fault with the old president and then continuing many of the programs of his forerunner.
       The current Republican presidential regatta dramatically illustrates the spewing of promises, criticism and vitriol all in the name of getting elected to office. ”If elected,” they say, “I will bring forth a new America, a new and healthy economic basis and equality between the various stations of American life: the rich, the poor and the middle class. When I am elected I will return America to its premier position in the world. Vote for me.” Please explain how you will accomplish this plan before we go any further.
       As an Independent, I am, as of today, still unsure of where my vote will go, but here is what I will be looking for in the man (or woman) running for president later this year.
          -Clarify the “Obamacare” mess for me. Tell me simply and honestly its good and bad points and the effect it might have on our nation.
          -Keep religion out of the entire election process.
          -Create a program that will aid those people who are unable to care for themselves, remembering that a nation is honored by the manner in which it treats its weakest and most vulnerable citizens.
          -Let us know before election day how the candidate (or the president) proposes to cut back on the unemployed percentage. Don’t tell us what you will do without telling us how you will do it.
          -Stop the insane costs of running for office. The lobbyists and large corporations have taken control of the election process. It has been estimated that a billion dollars will be spent on the 2012 election. Even a portion of that amount would feed many a homeless person.
          -Create a political television network that would offer to all candidates air time to take the place of the costly advertising. Give every candidate equal opportunity to plea their case. Stop making our elections a matter of collecting lobbyist’s donations.
          -Place realistic and fair limits on how much individuals and corporations can donate to a candidate. Stop the insane “donations” made by large corporations in return for the candidate’s vote in their favor. It has become obvious to most Americans that lobbyists and corporate donations have become the power behind most candidates’ actions.
          -Do all you can to lower gasoline prices at the pump, but don’t make wild promises that you can’t keep. Be honest with us.
          -Get government out of the decisions that women must make about their bodies.
          -The first action of the new Congress should be the elimination of billions of dollars of waste.
          -Stop having Republicans denying the existence and effects of global warming and Democrats defending it. Make it a realistic non-political joint endeavor to save the planet.
          -Re-create our gun control laws. Obey the Second Amendment of our Constitution, but stop the insanity of our citizens owning the likes of Kalishnikov rifles or AK-47 automatic weapons. Hunting and defending one’s home is one thing, but criminals having more firepower than the police is another. We’re headed for setting a new record for killing police officers this year. Stand up to the power of the NRA and create new laws based on common sense and the protection of our citizens. Guns don’t kill people – bullets do!
          -Enact the Buffett Amendment. Pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of congress are ineligible for re-election.
          -Make it easier for citizens to vote. Shoot for 100% participation.
          -Get out of Afghanistan.
          -Don’t make being gay or lesbian any different than being left-handed or blond.
          -Tax everyone at the same percentage.
          -Bring honesty, responsibility and trustworthiness to government.
          -To those who will be elected in 2012 we ask that you respect the intelligence of the American voter. Understand that we are sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. We have lost confidence in the system. Act as though you will not run for re-election. Fill your term by doing the “right thing.” Refuse donations and vote as your conscience leads you. Prove the pundits wrong. Show us that the adage “Money Always Wins” isn’t always correct. 
        Am I, dear reader, being unrealistic? Of course. But I can dream, can’t I?
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