Red Faces in America
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 by Frank Shortt
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In this evening time of my life, I speak with heaviness in my heart for the people of America! After much contemplation during this pandemic, and I have had plenty of time, I have come to the conclusion that the people of America are a somewhat selfish group in the world, even in light of all the sacrifices the few have made for their fellow humans.

Some of us refuse to follow the directions of the leaders of our land, even at the expense of our fellow citizens. We refuse to restrain ourselves for only a short time to allow this pandemic to subside, not considering all the others that we involve in our decisions.

We who refuse to comply to directives from our medical leaders and the ones who are set up to help carry out those directives, should be blushing and very ashamed! Most of us are always looking at others to carry out the letter of our Constitution, the most important document we possess in America, but then we turn around and count it as dung by our actions toward other people.

When we know to do right and do not do it, we are committing the greatest wrong that we could possibly commit! Our trespasses have gone beyond the realm of our personal space. The spirit of the Constitution requires each of us as individuals to carry it out to the greatest degree. When we do not do it is when we have trespassed into the realms of others. This is when we show that the spirit of the Constitution does not truly reside in our own hearts. Only the spirit of our forefathers can truly take the contents of the Constitution and make it live!

The spirit that motivated the framers of the Constitution wrote each line thinking of the future of our country. They tried to include every person that would ever be born in the fledgling country with which they had to do. This document is the tree on which grows the fruit of the future. We Americans, who count it an important document, are the limbs of the tree in which the life of the tree flows. Any document is dead as a doorknob if it is not made to live by someone who cares to do what it says. A law without the teeth in it to make it live when someone opposes that law, is dead in the water. The same holds true of a pardon from some ruling monarch. If a person commits a crime punishable by death and asks for a pardon, he must accept the pardon for it to be of any consequence, if the ruling monarch should grant a pardon. A pardon is not a pardon unless it is accepted as a pardon! So the Constitution is just a dead document unless it is made to live by the ones governed by it. In other words, the believer in the Constitution becomes a virtual temple of it as he or she believes it!

Our poor Constitution, due to neglect from our citizens, not even being taught the importance of the document in our schools, has become despised and rejected of our citizens. It has become a document of wrangling and discredit by all factions of politics! The majority of us have turned our faces from any semblance of truth, so why should not our faces be red? The Constitution is available for all to see! There is no excuse for any of us to not apply the basic truths of it, yet we allow Doctors of Law to misinterpret it at their convenience, making a shambles of what our forefathers had in mind. Some would even go so far as to create a Socialistic Country of our great society and make a completely new Constitution. (In essence, that is what they do when they try to change one word of the original document!) If the Constitution has served all humanity for the past years since 1776, why do we need to change it one iota? The problem persists that people do not really have respect for any law and order anymore, so all our precious documents and books have become just dusty tomes and parchments lying in some museum of dead works! We are moved by our emotions instead of the spirit of what is right and what is wrong!

It has been said that repentance is good for the soul! We could go a long way in showing our repentance by embracing a full-fledged requirement to learn our Constitution and to apply its contents to our lives. We are all guilty! We have all come short! My face is blushing as I write this missive. Isnít it time that we citizens of the USofA take it upon ourselves to do the right thing instead of waiting for the so-called Government to choose for us what is right or wrong? I say, so-called, because the Government is supposed to be, of the people, by the people and for the people. This is not so anymore! We have allowed others to do our thinking for us, even making the laws that govern us, without checking out what is written even in the Preamble to the Constitution. Our faces should be red!