Rainy Day Raptor
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 by Frank Shortt
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Photo by Ray Pacheco of Iowa
Semi-hidden in foliage,
The rainy day raptor surveys
All that passes within its view
While daylight still remains today!

If its eye catches slight movement
It will assume “there is a meal!”
An unwary rabbit, a squirrel,
Silently upon it he’ll steal!

Eagles, especially, like to
Be the slayer of their own food
Only sinking to leftovers
If nothing alive suits their mood.

Eagles care not for the weather
Winter, springtime, summer or fall
Snowing, raining, sleeting, or ice
Means nothing to them, not at all!

Soon he will pounce on something
If favored with a respite, then,
Off to its aerie up yonder
To share what’s provided again!