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 by Jon Burras
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         You feel elated having just finished your 10 K walk-a-thon with thousands of other eager and exuberant walkers. A sense of satisfaction and purpose surrounds you, having raised money for your "cause" to help defeat the dreaded disease that you are enrolled in fighting. Along with many others, the sense of community and gratification for doing your part radiates throughout your entire body. You are a warrior on the mission of fighting disease and ending suffering. You can hardly wait to sign up to participate once again next year.
         While the sense of purpose and "en masse" camaraderie rings through the air, this politically correct trend is filled with fatal flaws and dangerous sinkholes. While it seems normal for ordinary citizens to be on the front lines of disease fighting and fund raising, the truth is that someone needs to pull back the curtain and expose this misdirected intention. The reality is that we have all been manipulated by big business and the biotech industry. These fundraisers are a very poor way of ending disease or of curing anything. In truth, the only ones really profiting are the semi-charities and biotech labs who are reaping in large donations from private citizens.
         When you awaken from your frenzied stupor you will realize that it is time to put an end to this madness. We do not need any more walk-a-thons, bike-a-thons, 10 K runs, jump-rope-a-thons, dance-a-thons or "ice bucket challenges." Say "No" forever to the "Pink Campaign" and the October Breast Cancer Awareness marketing. It seems that anyone with a cause can create their own "month of awareness" and we are all expected to go along for the ride.
         While this critique might seem harsh and uncaring it is an expose on an out-of-control industry that is using fear and manipulation to achieve its profiteering. While one can congratulate the many participants in these fundraisers for their concern and their passion to get involved, the method by which this is done is madness. In this case, the means do not justify the end. The emotion of those involved is real; the application is flawed.
         Here is the real story. When you declare war on something you often get more of it. The War on Addictions has not led to less addictions but has created more addictions. The War on Teenage Pregnancy has not ended young girls getting pregnant. The War on Heart Disease has not cured heart disease. In fact, heart disease has now surpassed cancer as the number one cause of death in the United States. The War on Cancer has not ended cancer. The cancer rates remain virtually unchanged in over fifty years of war and billions of dollars spent on research. In some cancers the rates are even higher than in years before.
         Believing that a disease is an enemy that needs to be conquered is a fatal flaw in our thinking. There are essentially three types of disease; infectious disease, environmental disease and auto-immune disease. In the Western developed world we have done a very good job in the last hundred years or so lessening the impact of infectious disease. Small pox, diphtheria, plaque and cholera were once the biggest killers. These are very rare in the Western world today.
           Environmental disease remission has made some strides but has a long way to go. For instance, it is still common for a coal miner to develop "coal miner's lungs" from the inhalation of coal dust. The air quality, water quality and food we eat all affect us. Many still die each year from lung issues because of the burning of fossil fuels in the air. We are overfed but undernourished as the foods we eat are void of nutrition and filled with preservatives, pesticides and many harmful chemicals.
         Auto-immune disease occurs when our own bodies begin to attack us and eventually kill us. This might include cancer, ALS, Lupus, Parkinson's disease, MS and many others. This is how most people will die in the Western developed world. This is also were most research dollars are spent. The unfortunate reality is that Western medicine has treated auto-immune diseases just like environmental diseases, looking for another drug to suppress symptoms. With auto-immune diseases one needs to understand the entire body/mind connection in order to heal and bring the body back into balance, not just suppress the symptoms. In the case of auto-immune disease, either the physical body is out of balance or the mind is in a state of conflict affecting the body. Declaring war on auto-immune disease is a very flawed strategy.
         The second flaw in this thinking is the belief that the only way to cure disease is by creating another drug. While at times a drug can be helpful (like morphine for extreme pain), there are many natural and inexpensive cures that do not require drugs. Some ask why do we not know about these natural cures? We are bombarded with drug company propaganda on a daily basis through advertising and the media. Natural cures are often so inexpensive that there is no profit in it for a doctor to recommend it. Such simple and remarkable products like ozone, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), essential oils, apple cider vinegar and nutrition can have powerful healing benefits. These are seldom utilized in the mainstream Western medical practice as nobody would get rich from these items and jobs would be lost.
         When you have a two trillion dollar a year "sickness economy" the emphasis is to keep people sick so that lots of money is made on drugs, treatments and procedures. (For instance, viruses like Ebola can be cured using ozone therapy, a simple and inexpensive procedure). In the United States it is illegal to make claims that nutrition can heal. An herbal supplement, no matter how effective its properties to heal, will have a small label on the back claiming that this product has never been endorsed or tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is only a health "supplement." The label will make the statement that the herb has "no curative" value. Without this label natural health food companies would be forced out of business by the FDA for making health claims.
         The third flaw in the "race for the cure" mentality is that most people believe that all the money being raised is going to cure a disease. It is not. The majority of money raised by kind-hearted people goes to support the infrastructure of the charity, biotech company or drug industry. The money ends up in advertising, marketing, salaries, pensions, bonuses for executives, purchasing of new lab equipment and supplies, shareholder profits and self-promotion. Only a small amount of donated money actually ends up in drug research. In fact, money donated by enthusiastic walkers or runners might be directed to a drug company who then creates a new drug (that may or may not have any real therapeutic benefit) and the company now sells the drug back to the public (at an exorbitant profit).
         The following Reuter's article exemplifies the problem when describing the pink campaign's Susan G. Komen Foundation.

"The organization's 2011 financial statement reports that 43 percent of donations were spent on education, 18 percent on fund-raising and administration, 15 percent on research awards and grants, 12 percent on screening and 5 percent on treatment. (Various other items accounted for the rest.)" Wed Feb 8, 2012 By Sharon Begley and Janet Roberts, Reuter's News Agency

         In this particular case with this charity only 15 % of the money donated actually went to research.
         The race for the cure campaign is a fear-based marketing agenda where the semi-charity and biotech industries lay fear on the public that if they do not hand over their hard earned dollars then all of these horrible diseases will never be cured. Can you say "Manipulation?" We are taught to believe that if we do not participate in the War on Disease then the battle will be lost and our guilt will be everlasting. We are shamed into thinking that if we do not contribute our loved ones might die when they could have been saved by some miraculous new drug. We are hyped into believing that the next miracle drug is just around the corner and if we stop the donations this will never happen.
         When do we wake up? We all want to find an answer to curing disease. Nobody wants another friend or family member to have to suffer a horrible death. The reality is that there are already solutions to curing disease and what gets in the way of people finding out about those solutions is the politics of health care and the medicalization of disease. We do not need any more races, dances, swims or ice buckets. What comes next? Soon emerging on social media might be how many goldfish you can swallow or how many hot dogs you can consume to raise money for a charity.
         What we do need is honesty and courage to confront this misdirected agenda. The challenge of our time is to break away from the brainwashing of the medical and pharmaceutical world and start to invest in real health. If you want to donate to a cause then send money to an organic farmer to make "real food" available to all at a reasonable cost. In the meantime, enjoy your cold ice bucket shower.


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