Questions I Need Answered
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Questions I Need Answered

In light of recent happenings throughout America I have been plagued with many questions, but few answers.

-Is there a race war raging in America, Black against White and White against Black?

Are we in a state of Anarchy in America?

-Are all policemen bad as the press would have us believe?

-Are parents, black or white, able to discipline and control their children?

-Where does discipline at home end and discipline by law enforcement begin?

-Do the majority of parents in America teach morals, decency, and respect of all people regardless of race, creed, color or national origin?

-When our candidates for president accuse each other of all kinds of heinous crimes, don't they have to prove those allegations according to lawful means? Are they behaving like children by calling each other liars, cheats, and frauds?

These are just a few of the things that are plaguing my mind as I write this article. I am sure that many Americans are asking these same questions, black or white! As I talk to different people about the national unrest, the crude presidential campaign, and the state of the economy, their standard answer is: "No one person can solve the issues we face. I am at the point of forgetting to vote in this election!"

Chicago is planning to hire over 800 more police officers to quell the recent number of murders there. Criminals are beginning to rule most large cities because the police forces in those cities are actually afraid to uphold the law. Too many police officers are accusing bleeding heart judges for the increase in crime. Who is to be believed? It seems that the one segment of society who is prospering through this whole process is our attorneys. The courts are so busy that it would take a hundred years to try the backlog of criminal cases. Our prisons continue to fill up costing society a horrendous amount of money! How much longer can the coffers of America survive under these conditions? If there was a policeman on every corner in every city in America, the seasoned criminal would find a way to do his crimes. Some time ago I heard a well-known minister say that soon it would be in America that each family would have to guard his home and belongings with weapons. Have we arrived to that point already?

I have been accused of being an idealist! Maybe I am! Wouldn't it just be easier for neighbors to meet each other, help each other, keep watch for other's welfare? Then on the other hand, what if your neighbor is the one keeping society stirred up? What if that neighbor is the criminal?

Some people believe that One Creator made this whole Universe, and placed man here on a trial run. This being the case, maybe it is time for that Creator to take a hand in the affairs of mankind. I am sure that Creator must be mighty tired of man and his shenanigans! Maybe it is time to clean the slate, as it were, and start over!
This would answer all my questions in 'one fail sweep'!