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The good old NFL, the premier football league in the world, is full of Sunday heroes and scapegoats, for either winning, or losing. Most college football players would "die" for a spot on any of the 32 teams making up the National Football League. But, as sometimes happens, "There is something rotten in Denmark."

          In the last 14 years, 87 NFL players have been arrested for everything from murder to fraud. It seems that 12 players recently arrested are still playing football regularly on Sundays, game day in the NFL. Here are three examples:

          - Carolina Panther Greg Hardy, convicted of assaulting and threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, still suits up.

          - Terry McDonald of the Seattle Seahawks was arrested for assaulting his pregnant wife-to-be, and hasn't missed a game since his run in with the law.

          - Michael Vick, convicted for dog-fighting involving brutally killing and maiming dogs, played for the New York Jets and looks to sign a contract for next season.

         Other police arrests include Leonard Little, manslaughter; Chris Terry, domestic abuse, and Aaron Spelling, murder.

         That brings us up to the current "scandal" in the NFL. The New England Patriots have been accused of letting air out of some footballs in the Super Bowl game in January of this year. Not a whole lot, just enough so that the quarterback, Tom Brady, was more comfortable handling it. The ploy involved a locker room attendant, Jim McNally, who reportedly received some perks for doing the "dastardly" deed. Also, as it is surmised by the league investigators, Tom Brady himself  "was at least generally aware" of the shenanigans going on in the secrecy of a bathroom, before the balls were taken out on the playing field. Reportedly, the president of football operations of the NFL is reviewing the case and will hand down any punishment meted out.

         Well, I don't know about you, but it seems to me, after all the furor over the NFL's failure to properly police and enforce the large number of violent crimes in the league, to punish Tom Brady for being "at least generally aware" of the "heinous" crime of maybe knowing that someone let some air out of a football, would at last open up the NFL as having a most incompetent leadership. Why doesn't the league just let each team put the amount of air in the football they are happy with, and when it's their down. use that ball? Wouldn't that solve the problem? Aren't there bigger fish to fry in the money-trumps-all world of professional sports these days? I think so!