Private Schools
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        The Supreme Court of Indiana has upheld the state's school voucher program, so that over half a million low-and middle income students can get state aid to go to a private or religious school. I wonder why some parents want to make this switch from the public school system? Are the teachers better? Are the students smarter? Do the kids study more, do their homework, respect the teachers, and are the campuses more violence free? Are the students made to behave better, and if not they are more easily booted out, back to a public school? Are the standards higher in private and religious schools? Can private and religious schools maintain stricter standards of behavior than public schools? And if so, why? Why can't public schools insist on proper behavior and gun-free environments?
        Is it possible that if all, or just most of the kids from low-income families are given free rides to public and religious schools, that this would water down the very reasons the parents send their kids to these schools in the first place, and the schools would soon become like just another public school that the parents were fleeing? Public schools are, by and large, free and state funded. If all private and religious school tuitions were also to become subsidized by the state, I wonder if it wouldn't have been more prudent to call all schools private, rather than public?