President's Day
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 by Frank Shortt
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This is a day set aside by Americans to celebrate all presidents, good or bad, who have ever served this country. It is certain that we could all go back and dig up all the bad that some presidents have manifested. It would probably be hard to find even one who had no faults.

I just saw a sign as I watched the news which read; “Not my president!” I must say that as a veteran of the armed forces of the United States, I was a little upset by that statement. Is this person saying that they are no longer a citizen of America? Are they saying that just because they do not agree with Donald Trump’s policies, they have decided to declare themselves as an independent nation?  I served this nation for six years of my life in the United States Air Force. I am the first to admit that I was not the greatest military man who ever served, but probably not the worst either. There was a great man once said, “Who among you that is without fault, let him cast the first stone.” He could find none. He also said, “A Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand!”

As it stands today, the loudest protestors of our new president are those who are not yet citizens. As was proven at the last outbreak of violence at Berkeley University, those who caused all the problems were not even part of the peaceful protest. It was also proven that anyone with opposing views, other than those views of the majority at Berkeley, will never be allowed to express their views there. Free speech can only be expressed there by such men as Mario Savio, who used filthy expletives to state his case.  He called this ‘free speech’! This whole scenario seems quite one-sided to me. As usual, we middle class citizens are footing the bill for all this violence and end up paying for the educations of many who do not even deserve an education in this country. Yes, you guessed it! It is our taxes that support public education in America! What if, all of a sudden, it was declared that everyone had to pay their own way to college by working a job? How many would drop out at once?

Quite simply, I am heartbroken that so many men have given their lives to protect the Mario Savios of this nation and have given them in vain! These martyrs also gave their lives so that Donald Trump could become president according to the views of Democracy in this country. I cannot say that I agree with all of Trump’s policies! The most perfect president would have a very hard time getting me to agree whole-heartedly with all his or her policies. But, the one thing that I acknowledge as a free-citizen of America, He is our president, and we have no business maligning him so that other countries can rub our noses in excrement. It is time that Americans realized that we are Americans and should keep our family fights to ourselves. Some media outlets are helping to keep the pot stirred for the sake of a juicy story!

It has often been said “why are you crying before you are hurt!” This is true in most situations where governments change at the drop of a hat. This is the situation in Ecuador at this very time. The leftist candidate did not get the required votes to be president so the president of a neighboring country told him, “Take it by force!” Is this what the so-called far left-wingers in America hope to do? Will they overthrow our democratically elected president and, forcefully, place theirs into office? Have we succumbed to anarchy? The question remains, what do Americans really want? Does Hilary Clinton agree with all the unrest and violence in this country? Has she, or Obama for that matter, tried in any way to quieten things down until we can at least see what this president will do? All that I have seen from ex-president Obama is a tweet saying that he is so proud that young people are protesting the policies of Trump. This sounds a little radical to me, that an ex-president, who’s celebration day this is supposed to be, would make such an irrational statement.

To you who are protesting the loudest; try to understand that someone had to die in order that you could have the freedom to protest. How many more Abe Lincolns, Medgar Evers, Martin Luther Kings, and the countless soldiers who have died, will need to die in order for you to wake up? Men are far from perfect and we all should try to accept each other, flaws and all!