Poverty, Love and War
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 by Frank Shortt
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How can one who has never known poverty ever understand the underprivileged? A person who has had to rake and scrape for a living will never be in Who's Who!

It takes a very long dry spell for one to really appreciate the coming of a rainstorm. California has experienced a very dry, and trying summer, not only in relation to the weather, but with the passing of certain laws that, once again, place the burden upon the so-called, middle class who in essence are the hard-working taxpayers! It seems that the eyes of the world are upon California to do the most grotesque actions, then, like sheep, follow suit.

If a person has never experienced love, how can that person ever know the commitment, the pains, the joy, and finally the victory of having been with the same person for all their married life? Our finite brains cannot possibly understand the ecstasy of a true love relationship. To know true love is to 'have it all' no matter what others may think of a person who seems 'crazy in love'. These partnerships keep thriving, no matter the cost, turning darkness into a semblance of light.

Throughout history, mankind has experienced wars, rumors of other wars, and then more war! Life is a constant battlefield, strewn with bodies and weapons of war. Every encounter is loaded with conflict as mankind's egos soar. The greatest battle ever fought is the battle between right and wrong. When a person lets down on one principle, other principles follow in the wake, and soon it becomes easy for that person to lie, cheat, steal, and even kill, in order to maintain the battle that goes on in the mind day and night.

In the newscasts of our nation and the world, war, poverty, and lastly, love encompasses most of our thoughts and time. Hopefully, there will come a time when we are not so enthralled by war and poverty, and can begin to focus on the most important thing: Love!

If we love our fellow man, how could we want to steal his possessions or his wife, hate him or even kill him? Then there comes the stickler: not everyone loves, or even loves alike. Somehow love has come to be only an emotion rather than a natural phenomenon.

When our youth begin to look upon the perverted medium of motion pictures as their example, how can we expect them to lead normal lives anymore? The more grotesque a show-biz personality becomes, the more they influence our young. What is to be done about this? Once a cow is penned up in the barn for the winter and suddenly breaks down the bars holding her in, there is no stopping her or keeping her out of the corn or wheat field. Someone in America has let down the bars!