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 by Laramie Boyd
Post Barack Hussein Obama
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     Even a partial list of the events and resulting idealogy that have radically changed the face of America during and since the Barack Hussein Obama presidential tenure is quite revealing. Its sort of like the old saying that participation in sports at any level not only builds character, it also reveals it. That seems also true of being president of the United States. It builds and reveals character. I believe the following events and points of view were arguably largely a result of the Clinton and/or Obama presidencies and could very well characterize the fact that the United States is a relatively MUCH different country compared to what past presidents have turned over to their successors. Whether the presidents or events or points of view were good or bad are personal opinions. If we are honest with ourselves, though, often we pick and choose which events or ideas we believe are good or bad, for ourselves or for our country, depending on the closeness to our party-line the event or ideas portray. But some things simply stand out undeniably as game-changing features, regardless of any bias we may express.
     Consider these and count the ones you think have made America greater than it once was:
     Marijuana is now legal
     Same-sex marriage is legal
     12% of newlyweds are in an inter-racial marriage
     A rise from 16% to 25% in the number of citizens who claim to have no religion and don't believe in God
     Democrats are becoming less white, and less religious
     Partisan politics is more widespread than ever
     Only three-fourths of Democrats approve of Obamacare
     More national and local issues are supported only along strictly party lines
     Democrats say illegal immigrants strengthen the U.S.
     Democrats say gun control should supercede constitutional gun rights
     Over 1/2 the citizens distrust the government to solve problems, as our "leaders" seem to be catering more to banks and financial institutions
     One-half of the country says the U.S. is less powerful and less important than it has ever been
     Three-fourths of citizens believe the news media to be biased
     The media and colleges and other educational institutions are clearly liberal forces and they make every effort to spread that message by just not reporting news, but by making it
     Allowing hordes of illegal, undocumented immigrants to cross the United States border with little or no plan for follow-up identification
     Pathetic options to choose from, at all government levels, come election time
     A belief that outlawing gun ownership for even law abiding citizens will result in a decrease in the number of shootings in public places
     Forcing removal of decorations celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
     Allowing Muslims to pray in schools, but not Christians
     Letting elementary school children pick and choose what toilet they want to use based on what gender they say they feel like, or would like to be
     Suggesting that teachers should be armed in the classroom
     Professional sports stars, already pampered and overpaid, wanting to find ways during games to show disrespect to the America that allows it
     A white citizen can not, yes can not, express his personal opinions about blacks, but Al Sharpton, a black, self appointed spokesman, seems to get away with making just about any biased, bigoted, prejudicial remark about whites he so desires
     Do we see a pattern yet of American societal change?
     The list seems endless. No president has ever left office without some segments of American society bad-mouthing what they thought the outgoing president did or didn't do, but would it honestly be presumptuous to at least suggest that presidents Clinton and Obama each have had a hand in, one way or another, bringing down the reputation, worldwide status, and respect for the government of the United States of America, not only in the eyes of America's allies, but also its own citizens? And the hand president Trump will play in this game will slowly but surely unfold. Based on his expressions of what a president should say and do, controversy will not be a stranger to his office, as it appears that every day his tweets seem to foment new antagonism worldwide. What the character of a president of the United States "should" be is up for grabs at present. And as Michael Douglas stated in the movie "American President", maybe being president is "All about character."