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Week of 10.23.2006

          Why don’t evil, murderous, loony dictators find good barbers? Check out Kim Jong il and that bowl-head cut he wears. He could also find himself a good tailor and dump that K-Mart leisure attire he wears. And while the pudgy North Korean dictator is at it he should check in with a good psychiatric clinic. Might save the world a lot of trouble in coming years.

Save the effort

          I don’t know why Iraq and the U.S. are spending all that time and money on a trial for Saddam Hussein. Just dress him up in his faux Iraqi army clothes and set him up in a nice condo in the Kurd area of Iraq. Then hand out a few flyers telling the Kurds that Saddam is now living in their area. The Kurds will find “justice” for their former president in about 2 minutes.


          Can anyone give me an example of a country finding or inventing a new weapon and not using it? “Little David” came up with the slingshot and before long all countries had troops marching in their town square holding slingshots over their shoulders. Some guy in “cave 76” invented the knife and pretty soon every cave-dweller sported a sharpened mammoth bone with which to attack their enemies in the next cave. Some Frenchie invented a longer knife, called it a sword and pretty soon everyone was dueling. Some guy had the idea of a pistol that fired bullets. Now every underprivileged kid in America has a gun. Same with Alfred Nobel and his dynamite. Everybody was soon blowing everybody up. Now that more countries, like North Korea, have the capability to explode a nuclear weapon do we really believe that it will never be used in anger! Goes against history. Just a matter of time.

The Wall

          It’s hard to picture a wall 700 miles long, other than the Great Wall of China. But now we’re going to build one between the good old US of A and our great friend and neighbor to our south, Mexico. The Berlin Wall didn’t last. Hopefully, we would learn a lesson from the history of walls. There’s usually a lot of celebrating and applause when they come down, not when they go up.

The Man

           Bets are being placed that Barack Obama will be President of the United States, if not in 2008, then sometime after. He’s an engaging guy. Any wagers?

Speak with your vote

          Wonder what our taxes would be if our city, state and federal governments eliminated just half of the waste, graft and corruption. Just half! Speaking of half –half of all Americans, according to a recent survey, think that members of congress are corrupt. Are we so lazy and corrupt ourselves that we won’t bother to vote the scoundrels out of office?

Empty Iraq 

          Somebody’s doing something wrong. Maybe some math major or a life insurance actuary can figure out that if the killing in Iraq continues at the current pace how long before there’s nobody left in Iraq. Just barren land, oil wells and a few Halliburton people.

Times change!

          Lenny Bruce, the late hip comedian, used to get arrested every other day for using profanity on stage at small, intimate night clubs. Now we can hear not only dirty words, but colorful descriptions of sex acts and bodily functions on our television screens. Lenny Bruce would blush if he saw and heard some of the currently popular hip-hop stars perform. Nothing is left to the imagination when hip-hoppers like “50-Cent,” “Mos Def,” “Gza,” ‘MF Doom,” “2 Pac,” or “Dead Prez” perform. How would you like your daughter to be one of “Dead Prez’s” backup dancers? I can hear Lenny Bruce turning over in his grave…

          What’s with the kids in their cars or elevated 2 story trucks that turn their stereos up full blast listening to hip-hop and rap and then roll their windows down so anyone within a hundred yards suffers inner ear damage? Just give the drivers and occupants of those boom boxes on wheels a few years and they’ll be walking around saying, “What! What! I can’t hear you!”


           If I went to Mexico illegally and got a job and was caught by the Mexican police what would they do to me? Adios, Ron, that’s what!
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