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        America is still not sure about Iran’s capabilities of producing a Nuclear weapon. Iran is as smug as a sleeping bulldog. The Middle East is a seething pot of uncertainty. Africa is in a state of chaos. And now, North Korea is once again seeking attention as the ‘mouse that roared’! She claims to have detonated a nuclear weapon!
        What does the drop in oil prices indicate? Isn’t it amazing that oil controls the world’s economy? Where does food and water figure into the equation? Oil elects presidents!
        What is so sad about the whole state of the world is that the leaders of nations, especially those who are running for higher office, have stooped to commenting about each other’s bathroom habits, their sexual preferences, their lack of money to run for the particular office, and last but not least, the boots they wear. How sad!
        In the 1960’s scientists declared that we were ‘15 minutes to midnight’! How long that is I have no idea, but it must be much less now. This is only a number.
        Some American journalists take great delight in the worst possible sensationalism. I am convinced that our life on this planet does not at all depend on what some fanatic has declared to be the time of the end. This has been predetermined before there was ever a planet created. So let’s concentrate on Life!
        I recently judged a spelling bee at our local elementary school. The upper grade students felt that they had it in the bag. To their surprise, a fourth grade young lady won the bee and showed the uppity older students a thing or two about spelling.
        This got me to thinking just how to solve the world’s problems. We should have a spelling bee at the U.N. and let the world leaders battle it out by seeing who can even spell any more. With ‘spellcheck, we do not even need to know how to spell, so maybe this is not a good idea!
I am being preposterous and trying to, somehow, lend a little levity to the situation. Ted Cruz wears boots of lizard/alligator! Whoopee! Marco Rubio sports a pair of shiny, stack-heeled ankle boots! Amaaazing! J Lo wears green eyeshadow! So did Kermit the Frog and his sidekick, Miss Piggy.
        Isn’t it time for politicians to get down to the business of solving the problems of homelessness, the economy, foreign policy, the immigration issue, and a lot of much more important things than what color underwear Trump wears?
        Which candidate is planning to solve the problem of the decline of agriculture from California due to, first, the drought, and now the flooding fields? California supplies most of the foods for the world market.
        Let’s get real, candidates!!