Playing Favorites
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Most people claim to serve one God or some other God! To some it is Allah, to some it is Jehovah, to some it is one of the many Hindu Gods. The question I would like to raise is: Do any of these Gods play favorites or do they wish for the salvation of anyone who would adhere to their brand of religion?

From what I have seen in the past years of my life, adherents of all these different religions have used their religion to sow seeds of separatism instead of sowing seeds of oneness! As soon as an adherent to one of these religions finds out that you are not one of their particular brand, they begin to push you away instead of doing things to draw you in. Why is this?

Recently, there have been some strong words used by newly instated senators from certain districts that would infer that they are truly separatists. One young senator used very foul language against the president of the United States. On young senator would not even acknowledge that she was in the same room with the president of the United States as he delivered his State of the Union speech. Another young senator has expressed strong anti-Semitism in her rhetoric. Does all of this bring harmony or division?

Two men in the State of Virginia admitted using shoe polish on their faces as college pranks. These men are very high in Virginia politics. Is it worse to sow seeds of division in the House of Representatives, or to pull a college prank and paint one’s face with shoe polish? This asks the age-old question; is one lapse of ‘falling from grace’ any worse than another? To answer this question we must all look deep inside our own heart and see what provokes us as individuals to do the crazy things that we do or say the crazy things that we say. We preach that we should not judge another, but just let one person make a mistake, that later they are sorry for, then, the judgment begins! The higher one is in politics, the more the criticism and judgment.  We have become so politically correct that we are ready to crucify anyone who is not on the same page as ourselves no matter what that person might have accomplished in the past.

Recently, I was called to task because I crossed my arms while talking to a man who I thought to be a friend. As he made a longer-than-usual dissertation on some subject, I did what most men do when they do not know what to do with their arms, I crossed them. He said, “Don’t do that!”

 “Do what” I replied.

“Cross your arms, that is totally rude!” He asserted!

Was I being rude, or simply relaxing? We no longer speak when we meet. He turns his head before I can say a word! We are judging each other’s actions by not realizing that countries around the world have different customs. No matter what gesture one could make, it would be derogatory in some other country.

Whatever happened to tolerance? Whatever happened to respect? Whatever happened to trying to get along in this mixed-up world? Are we so far gone that no two people can agree on anything? It has been said that most civilizations in the past were corrupted from within! Is this happening in America? Will the very bowels of America be eaten out by malcontents and disrespectful individuals who care more for themselves than they do of all their fellow humans?

If I was striving for mastery of some situation and needed allies to reach that mastery, I would walk very carefully, make as many disciples as I possibly could, walk as if walking on eggs, and I would probably reach my goal. If I treated everyone contrary to what I hoped to gain, I would end up in the gutter!

Now, which God is telling their adherents to mistreat others? Which God is preaching hate? Which God is telling believers to disrespect anyone who does not believe like they do? No, it was not the leaders of these groups that taught hate. It is the small-minded individuals who only have themselves in mind who are spreading hate pretending to represent the whole of their teachings! It is the ones who have misinterpreted the leader’s precepts who is spreading the bad news! I have not read of any God who plays favorites, but I do read about those who try to teach tolerance, love, and respect!

My wife and I saw an amazing thing today February 12, 2019! We were invited to do a presentation at an elementary school about drying of fruit in the old days, and the canning of fruits and vegetables in the many canneries that used to exist in Santa Clara County, California once called the ‘Valley of Heart’s Delight!” These were all third graders. We each had our topic: Sharon spoke of drying apricots on the ranch in which she was raised as a girl. I spoke of my memories of the old Beech-nut cannery in San Jose where I worked as a young man after I was discharged from the USAF. As we spoke, we noticed what a great job the teachers of the students had done. They had taught them respect, they had taught them to listen carefully to each word that was spoken. They had taught them tolerance of the aging population, which we both are. We also noticed that these children were taught to be able to get along well with each other while stuffed as two classes into a single room! This left a lasting impression upon my wife and me. We saw that if all our politicians practiced what they preached about tolerance and respect, as did these children, this United States of America would be a much better place to dwell in.  There is an old proverb which says, “A little child shall lead them!”

Honey draws many more flies than does vinegar!