'Pears to Me
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 by Frank Shortt
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     Freedom? This has gotten to be a laughing matter! Look at the ‘freedoms’ we used to have, but due to political correctness, they have gone away!
     Used to be a person could refer to someone else in whatever way they chose to describe that person. Now, we are held to certain ways as prescribed by officials of the very government that is ‘for the people, by the people’! I am not advocating for being able to say mean-spirited things to others, far from it, but how far are we going to go in    America to stifle individuals from expressing their views?
     Used to be a person had the right to smoke cigarettes anywhere he felt like it. Due to tightening of laws, the poor smoker has to hide in order to imbibe in his path to destruction. It is now against the law to choose not to live! Same goes for seat belts. I agree with the law that says children must be belted and in a safe seat. This is for several reasons: they can no longer jump about the automobile possibly distracting the driver. If the driver hits the brakes suddenly, the child does not end up shooting into some area of the car like a rocket, thereby impairing him or her for the rest of their lives. But, shouldn’t an adult have the freedom to choose whether or not he or she would like to take the chance of surviving an accident on the roads that he is paying for and is part of the government that is ‘by the people and for the people’? I like the idea of seat belts, some do, some do not!
     There is a movement to remove all historical monuments from the face of the earth. Are these monuments a threat to some special interest groups, or are they a reminder that we do not want to live that particular segment of history again? Being a lover of history, I prefer to allow a sleeping dog to stay asleep! The more one stirs a stinky pot, the more it smells!
     The story that brought me to write this missive was that, in San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors is trying to outlaw companies from having their own cafeterias. This to me is outrageous! The very next news article, on this particular news channel, described how dirty, unsanitary, and unhealthy the streets of San Francisco are. ‘Pears to me, that if I worked in San Francisco, I would consider these same filthy streets before I ventured out on them to procure my lunch! Why should I take my life in my own hands on the streets when I can walk into my own cafeteria and eat a healthy lunch without the stench of urine, etc? Some laws seemingly make a lot of sense! Some laws do not consider a huge segment of society! The rationale of the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco is that the cafeterias are taking a huge chunk of revenue from the eateries, and the truth be known, from the taxation that these eateries generate. Any person choosing to start a restaurant does so with total freedom, as long as that person complies with local laws. ‘Pears to me that the law is in every segment of our lives!
     Only a few years ago a person could enter and airplane with total freedom. Now it is such a hassle to fly that I prefer to drive to places I wish to visit. Only a few years ago one could buy or sell a gun without any problem. Now the purchase or selling of a gun must be done through a licensed dealer. Of course, the dealers make more money as does the government through taxation, and the prices of guns, when buying them new, is astronomical. Then there is the problem of getting ammo for a gun. One almost has to sign their life away in order to buy ammo. Since 911, the price of ammo has skyrocketed!
     Under the law of the land, presently, we are all required to buy health insurance. There are pros and cons as to how this law benefits the general public. It is a shame that we must be forced to comply with some law before we do something to benefit ourselves.
     Most despotic rulers used the law in order to gain their upper hand in society. If they did not like something, they would simply change the law and who didn’t like the idea could go smoke a rope. For the past few years, laws have been changed at such a rate, it is almost impossible to keep up with them. I found this out recently when I needed to renew my driver’s license. In the year 2020, we will be required to have a passport to even fly in the United States of America!
     ‘Pears to me, America is still the greatest country in the world as we are not yet in total chaos! I like living here! I still feel fairly free! Of course, at my age (just turned 76) I don’t require as many freedoms as I used to. The last question: Are we allowing ourselves to be ‘lawed’ out of existence?