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        Our country has some colossal problems. Each year the solutions to these problems are avoided and dodged. The years turn into decades and the problems remain – only getting worse. Take a good look around our country.
         One problem is that the nation’s infrastructure is falling apart – our roads, bridges and buildings are crumbling, but our politicians dance around the problem because to repair and renovate our roads and structures all of us citizens will have to bear the cost –which involves increasing our taxes. No politician is going to ask us to pay more taxes. So, the disintegration of much of America continues. As America deteriorates we all look away as if the problems will cure themselves.
        Another problem is the isolation of many of America’s youngsters. The number and membership of menacing youth gangs is growing in this country. Every city and town in America has one or more dangerous youth gangs. Some of the teenage gangs have homicidal entrance requirements. In order to join a particular gang a prospect has to kill a member of another gang. Some gangs have members as young as eight, nine, ten years old. Drug cultures pervade these city gangs. In some cases the parents themselves are former gang members. We are losing a great percentage of our youth to gangs and crime. Drugs, money and violence have taken the place of good and responsible parenting. In many American cities youth gangs, feeding drugs to our youngsters, have taken over whole sections of our municipalities.
        The problems began years ago when both parents were forced to join the work force due to the economic situation. Mothers and fathers were both forced to work, leaving children alone and unmanaged to join peers in murderous neighborhood gangs.
        Let’s re-institute the Selective Service System. Make any eighteen year old eligible for the two year military draft unless they are attending college and have passing grades and an honest record. Every eighteen year old male must serve their country for two years. Perhaps females will be included in the draft.
        Give our eighteen year olds two years under the tutelage of a grizzled U.S. Army Master Sergeant. If the parents won’t teach their sons and daughters right from wrong then leave it to a hard boiled Master Sergeant to teach kids from the neighborhood how to behave and respect authority.
        And during their two year military service each youngster will be given training in a trade or business that they can use after their military service has ended.
        After basic training thousands of the new recruits can serve in the Army Corps of Engineers assisting in the repairing and rebuilding of roads, highways, bridges and government buildings. Good training for their post military service careers.
        All of this will cost us more in taxes. Yes, it will. One way or another the education and raising of our teenagers and getting them off the dangerous streets will cost us – pay now or pay later, but we’re going to pay.
        It will also cost us to repair our highways, bridges and buildings. It’s another case of pay now or pay later – but we’re going to pay. Let’s train our teenagers. We can help our busy parents and do something to remove threatening and murderous youth gangs from our streets.
        It’s all a matter of pay now or pay later – but the fact is – we’re going to pay!

Pay now or pay later!