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by Ron Cruger
Whose Pants Are on Fire?
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     Pretend for a moment that the Washington Post newspaper made a few mistakes in calculating the amount of errors (lies?) that President Donald J. Trump has made since his election to the nation’s highest office. Just for the sake of argument, let’s remove half of the alleged presidential errors (lies?). 

     After removing 50% of the errors (lies?) we still have over 1,000 questionable errors (lies?) produced by our president in a relatively short period.

     Over the past few months Americans have grown to mistrust many of the words of the F.B.I., the Environmental Protection Agency, Senators, Representatives, state Governors, local police, lawyers, ex-F.B.I. Directors as well as some television news personalities who appear to be electioneering rather than just presenting the news.

     Trust in elected (and appointed) officials has sunk to a remarkable low. Viewers and listeners have to discern whether or not they are viewing or hearing “fake news” or professional journalistic reportage. Cable news shows appear to be venues for either the Democratic or Republican politicians or parties.

     The news coming out of Washington is about lawsuits, sexual peccadillos and explanations of terms of law.

     The Mueller probe has shot past any logical explanation of its original intent. James Comey has morphed from an F.B.I. leader to a constant on cable television interview shows. Comey’s value has slid from “outstanding governmental servant” to something akin to a male Kardashian.

     A search through electronic and print media finds little or no semblance of legislative action or discussion.

     So, who is minding the store for Americans? Who is proposing bills and has their eye on the budget? Who is watching many of President Obama’s cautious record of environmental safeguards being quietly eliminated?

     Could it be that a great number of Americans don’ t care about bills and laws and graft and corruption and lies as long as the stock market rises?

      Maybe it’s time for Americans to check to see whose pants are on fire.