Packing Iron
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 by Frank Shortt
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In the days of the Wild West when a man strapped on his 'shooting iron' he was said to be 'packing iron'!

Our law enforcement officers are being picked off, one at a time. During the last year, 2018, there were 148 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Out of these, over half were killed by gunfire. It seems to be open season on police officers. It is for sure that lawbreakers are going around 'packing iron'!

It was said by a famous American evangelist in the 1960's that the average homeowner would have to protect his family, home, and belongings with a firearm. This seems to be so at this time. If many more police officers are killed by criminals, pretty soon we will not have any volunteers to become law enforcement officers. What will we do then? We even have non-citizens killing off our police force, and as soon as they are apprehended, they are said to be mentally unable to stand trial for cold-blooded murder. What is happening to our laws in America?

It was also said by a famous American evangelist in the 1960's that due to rampant drugs, alcoholism, and immoral living, insanity would be the norm. It seems that this is so right now as accident after accident on our highways are caused by those who choose to drive down the highways speeding at 100miles an hour in zones of 65. Most of the stories printed in our local newspapers concerning lawbreakers tell us that the person would have to be insane to be able to engage themselves in the things they do! Law enforcement officers are, seemingly, running scared. If a person they are trying to apprehend makes a move toward what the officer thinks is a weapon, they shoot first and ask questions later! Who is really to blame for these uses of 'deadly force'?

Lately, in the Santa Clara Valley of California, officers were trying to apprehend a young woman who was driving erratically. When they had her cornered, she tried to ram the officer's automobile with her own automobile, making her vehicle become a deadly weapon. She was shot and killed for her efforts! Who was to blame for this tragic turn of events? Were her parents lackadaisical in raising her? Did she feel that she was above the law as she made her split-second decision to resist arrest? Did she hate 'cops' as so many have declared in the past few years? Or, did the police officers just have an 'itchy trigger finger' and was not about to let a car become the weapon of their own demise?

Sadly, there are no ready answers to this and many other incidents that end in tragedy. Would it be wrong to suggest that maybe our elected leaders should stop bickering like children and begin to govern our country that they are being paid to govern? Should they all go to 'packing iron'? No, that would not work because children should not have deadly weapons at their disposal. There would not be a politician left if that were the case.

It has been suggested that we arm our teachers! From past experience as a safety officer in a large school district, I can say that arming teachers, for the most part, would never work. Most of them pile boxes, teacher's supplies, personal belongings all the way to the ceilings of their storerooms, thereby making the sprinkler systems, put there to save their lives in a fire, inoperative! What would they do with a firearm, especially with children around? They would probably shoot themselves or one, or more, of the children. Teachers need to stick to teaching, or else, find, what they feel, is a safer line of work.

It is my belief that the best solution for protection is to leave public safety to the ones responsible for public safety. We need to be much more supportive of our local constabulary, greet them with smiles, and if they shout, put 'em up, we should raise our arms, palms forward, with nothing in our hands! Otherwise, we will be back to the old west ways of doing things and we will all be 'packing iron'! Now wouldn't that be exciting?