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A deceased uncle of our family was one of the worst users of profanity I have ever seen. He was a product of the thirties as a teenager and also a product of World War Two. His profanity was normal talk to him (right or wrong) and he cared less who he was in company with when out it came! His way of life would be almost totally outlawed in our day!

Which brings me to all that has been outlawed in the past few years! Smokers can no longer smoke where they please. While watching a couple of old movies from the thirties, everyone smoked, and it did not matter where. No wonder the veterans of WW2 were mostly all smokers. They had great examples like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Betty Davis, and the list goes on and on. Speaking of smoking, there was not a movie in the thirties that did not include highballs, or shots of whiskey at the local saloon! No matter the genre, whether a western, detective, high society, or whatever movie, there was the ever present cigarette, cigar, and a highball or shot of whiskey! It would probably be easier to mention what is still legal than to list all that has been outlawed. I am sure you get the picture!

Animals have also gotten into the picture as more and more laws are made to protect them. When a farm is overrun with rats, it is no longer a matter of putting out a little warfarin in the barn loft and ridding oneself of the pest. Now the poor rats have to be caught in a humane trap and let go into a wilderness area. (Are rats human?) The old snapping Victor mousetrap is now frowned upon. Mice must be caught in a cage and taken to a woodsy area and let go. Guess where they end up? Yep, you guessed it, right back in your garage, providing you are giving them plenty to eat! We have put every pest on the endangered list and they are protected to the greatest extent of the law! Is there any wonder we are having pandemics? They say that some folks in China eating bats started the latest plague! Could be!

America is soon to end up a sterile country with no deaths, no heartaches, no pain, no pandemics, and no forest fires as everything that can be outlawed is already outlawed! We have even outlawed the outlaws to such an extent that they are coming around the other way to get to us! The law is using some of them to help police neighborhoods! Did you ever think this could be possible?

Where is the tobacco chewer to spit? He can be arrested if he spits on the sidewalk! I saw where some countries are putting these little planter thingamabobs on the center strips of streets and this is where anyone can go to relieve themselves of Number One!
What if they miss? Oh Well! Hey, come to think of it, the tobacco chewers can stay in the area of these little planters and go spit whenever they wish! Right? No, they could be arrested because they discolored the planters!

Will this insanity ever end? Could this be what the pandemic is for, to thin out the population so that the survivors can get back to being normal human beings again? Nope! There are now too many laws on the books and we could end up how America was when the horse and buggy gave way to the automotive industry. There were even laws on the books that said, "If a motorist encounters a horse and buggy, he must dismantle his automobile and hide it with brush alongside the road until the horse and buggy moved past! It took many years for this law to be taken away, probably up until WW2 when the Cavalry stopped riding horses!

Every person throughout history who came along with a good idea was soon outlawed until it was finally proven that what they suggested was, indeed, a good idea. I'm reminded of the poor doctor who suffered such persecution in Europe when he suggested that surgeons should simply wash their hands before performing any medical treatment! Boy, did the law shut him up in a hurry! Thank God, some people soon woke up to the fact that this would stop spreading germs! What about today? We need a lot of people to wake up before another law is placed on the books saying that we all must wear masks and wash our hands after any encounters with others! Come on people, we don't need a law to do what is right!