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          Almost all of my friends and most of my relatives dislike President Obama.
          Some think that he’s a communist, just waiting to come out of the closet. Others sincerely believe he’s a socialist, slowly molding the country into a socialist state. Others think he’s a big government liberal, steadily shaping the country into a massive federal holding company.
          And there are some who hate the President for deeper reasons than his political ideology. To this group of people Barack Obama is a giant mistake and should immediately be removed from office before more damage comes to the nation.
          Other than the last group, to whom nothing the President does or doesn’t do will change their opinions, I can’t quite get a hold on why these groups dislike the President so much. I hear their generalizations about him, but I don’t hear enough specifics – certainly not accurate, proven, demonstrable specifics that would prove that the President is in the midst of a campaign to considerably alter the very foundations of our country for his own clandestine ends.
          There was a feeling, extant in the country in 2008 that Barack Obama would bring a new, modern, youthful, “do the right thing-politics be damned” governmental structure and attitude to Washington.
          That has not been the case, so far, with President Obama.
          For a man with such outstanding communication skills, President Obama has failed to use them sufficiently to tell Americans that he is, indeed, on top of things and has a plan to restore our physical, military, emotional and philosophical needs.
          Americans in 2008 were tired of the political buffoonery and the constant bickering between parties. Barack Obama stood in front of us and agreed with our frustrations. He promised that, upon being elected, he would usher in a new era of youthful vigor, sensitivity and accomplishment.
          What Americans have seen is a determined effort by the President to provide health care to those Americans who have been left out of the system and to improve health care to those who, for one reason or another, could not get quality health care.
          The President has also initiated programs to improve the quality of education to our youngsters. He has kept his promise of removing our fighting troops from Iraq. He has stemmed the ultra-serious financial crisis, he said he would increase our strength in the battle for Afghanistan and he has accomplished that.
          And yet, an aura of mystery surrounds the President. He has spoken to the American people before and after his decisions. He has spoken plainly and openly about the things he has done – and yet his presidency appears to be failing at times.
          Our President is currently working with the powers in the Middle East to arrive at a contracted, long term peace – and yet, there are millions of Americans who place no or little faith in his presidency.
          Conservatives think he stands for a budding socialist state. Liberals think he is selling out his ideals. Independents think Obama is too wishy-washy. All sides think he is breaking the bank with his free-spending.
          There is one, single statistic that contributes more than any other to the negative views of the President – unemployment. No president can overcome the terrible stigma of millions of unemployed Americans.
          So, what can President Obama do to improve his status in the eyes of millions of America’s citizens?
          What America wants and needs is our president to forget the politics of the moment and do the right thing, the brave thing. We elected Mr. Obama because he indicated that is exactly what he would do if he were elected. He told us that the time for petty politics was over. It is time for our President and many of his fellow politicians to “man-up.”
          Speak to us Americans openly and honestly. Tell us what you want without worrying about how many votes are involved.
          “Kick some ass,” Mr. President.
          Act as though this was a competitive basketball game and the clock is running out.
          I never thought I’d say this, but maybe what you need is a bit more of your predecessor’s impulsive nature. Just a tad.
          Americans like their presidents to be combinations of George Washington, John Wayne, Jackie Robinson and Albert Einstein. Perhaps we ask too much.
          There’s still time left for you, Mr. President – and us.
What happened to America?