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         From the beginning I liked the idea of Barack Obama being our new president. He was intelligent, charismatic and promised a fresh, new approach to things being done in Washington. He told us things would change. The old politics would be replaced with a youthful, aggressive, common sense style. We were all tired of the same old political stalemates. The same old Senators, the same old Representatives bloviating all over D.C.
          So, now, as we creep towards the elections of 2012 we are faced with a slate of Republicans who are bickering and at loggerheads among themselves as though they were born of different parties. It is presumed that come election day all the variances will disappear and be forgotten.
          Now we find the Republican debates involve possible candidates Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.
          Recent polls have alternately found Ron Paul and Herman Cain as the registered Republican voterís favorites. There is little doubt that neither will wind up being the partyís sole candidate come November, although both carry with them a caboodle of common sense and savvy.
          Usually, but not always, the man looking like a president becomes the candidate Ė and the president.
          You, dear reader, can review the list of candidates shown above and make your best guess of who will represent the Republican species next year.
          I find the choice between the Republican partyís candidate (whomever it may be) and the Democratís certain choice of Barack Obama as somewhat lacking in the qualities needed to renew our flagging economy and status in the world.
          I am looking for a special person in whom I could be excited and confident as I place my ballot in the box next year in November.
          I shall be specific.
          I want a man (or a woman) with youthful grace and magnetism. A man with the wisdom that comes with middle age. A man hewn of tough stuff. A man who will stand among his peers and his enemies and battle them with the force of righteousness. A man proud of his country and quick to anger when it is threatened. A man whose charm and persuasiveness can bring victory to his cause. A man who realizes that The America, and, indeed, the world that he governs in today is much different than the country that existed a half century ago. I want to vote for a man who cares not if he or his party loses the next election, but cares only for doing the right thing for his country and its people.
          I want a man (or a woman) whose smile or frown can change the mood of a room.
          I want a man who creates pride and trust in the presidential office.
          To be even more specific I want a man who combines the qualities of a John F. Kennedy, a Ronald Reagan and a Harry Truman.
          Surely, somewhere among the names I have mentioned and perhaps somewhere on another list walks a man or a woman who combines the attributes of Kennedy, Reagan and Truman. At least I hope that person exists and I hope that name appears on the ballot come November, 2012.
          Thatís what Iíll be looking for.