Our Freedoms
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 by Frank Shortt
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        The freedoms we enjoy were not easily won. Each time a freedom has been threatened in America, what follows has most often resulted in bloodshed. Boston tea parties, and long waits in picket lines and sit-ins are only some examples of ways that mankind has obtained freedom.
        A recent email from China really got me to thinking about my freedoms. I was told, in this email, that something that I had sent to a recipient there had been confiscated by the government. I am sure that there have been many articles about such things as this, but I hope to take off in another direction.
        Governments rule by persuasion, fear, sheer dominance, and if all else fails, they use physical means. The reasons are many and diverse, the most often cause, being fear of losing their hold upon their constituents! This can result in book burnings, book bans, rifled mail, public scourgings, or rotting in some dark prison and eventually death. One of the greatest tools of any despot who wishes to control another is propaganda. They just simply lie about there being a better form of government! This is done by downplaying any opposition. They try to convince their wards that theirs is the best way on earth.
        The PRC Government, which is presently communistic, has a huge responsibility of keeping 1.400 billion people in line and happy at the same time. They must offer perks, on the one hand, and threats or censorship on the other hand. They surely must have a very difficult time keeping up with all the correspondence coming out of China. I am sure that they are not too happy with chat lines, Facebook, and a host of other means of communicating with other countries. Havoc was probably wreaked upon the ones who first introduced these tools to the, so-called, common citizenry.
        The American Government, consisting of 319 million people, has mostly depended upon economic means to control people, especially other unruly governments. Economic sanctions are very effectual in keeping ‘The Mouse that Roared’ in line. This has been the case in Cuba, North Korea, and Iran, and rightfully so. But what if it came to our shores? It has! North Carolina is being forced by the Federal Government to change a law concerning the use of bathrooms. The Federal Government is telling North Carolina to either repeal the law or face economic sanctions in colleges, the NCDOT, roadside rest stops, and now saying that all businesses with fifteen or more employees must open bathrooms to all persons of transgender persuasion. It is certain that hotels, restaurants, and other service businesses will soon be boycotted by many families, resulting in loss of much revenue, such as, taxes on lodging, taxes on food, college tuition, etc. etc. So where does it all end? Does the person of ‘straight’ persuasion have rights anymore to choose which bathroom they will use or who they wish to hang around with?
        Once laws become effective in America to control where we go to the bathroom, where we will go to school, whether we can or cannot treat our illnesses in the way we think best, then, what is left of our freedom to choose? We already are taxed on the very food we eat, which was a warning by Thomas Jefferson, while inaugurating the Constitution of the United States. The Federal Government knows that we all must eat to live!
        The freedoms won by African Americans in the 1960’s-1970’s was by much bloodshed and perseverance! I do not believe that they knew how many other doors were being opened for other causes to jump on the bandwagon. Now, any special interest group can complain and someone in Washington will make it their pet peeve and get help for the group. Where does all this end? Must a completely new Constitution be written to include every individual special interest even if each must be listed individually? It is sure going to take a lot of paper!