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O, say can you see?
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          July 4th is a wonderful day to honor our flag. Actually everyday is a great day to fly the flag. On the day after 9/11 we started flying our flag from our front steps every day. I know that flag etiquette say to bring in the flag at night but as long as there are soldiers serving and dying at night, Iíll keep it up. We also have small flags mounted on the back window of our cars.
          We have gone through several American flags over the years. When our flag is worn I take it to the Vetís Hall for proper disposal. They do a good and proper job.
          We also have a custom regarding the American flag. Whenever a relative or close friend moves to a new house, we send a flag in hopes they fly it as proudly as we do. So far, all have.
          In our neighborhood the Boy Scouts have a fundraiser. For $50 a year they come to your house and install a flag on every national holiday like the 4th and Flag Day and Presidentís Day and Memorial Day. A day or two after the holiday they collect the flags. Itís wonderful to see houses in the neighborhood flying of the banner of our country.
          I love our flag. It is so much more than a symbol of our country. It represents us as a nation. It has flown over people who have fought for liberty, people who have given their lives for freedom and yes, people who use it to protest against causes they disagree with. And thatís the point. Our flag stands for us. Upper and lower case.
          So the next time you see Old Glory on a government building or flying in front of someoneís house, stop and think just what it is there for.
          And the next time someone has a birthday or moves or invites you to their house for dinner, give them an American flag.
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