Osama bin Laden plans terror
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          The stink coming from the kerosene lanterns mingled with the odors of the lamb that was roasting on spits slowly being turned over the red hot coals. Bin Laden was accustomed to the pungent odors filling the rear part of the cave.
          This particular cave was bin Laden’s favorite. It was almost impossible to spot from the air and it couldn’t be seen by a person walking 50 meters directly in front of the cave entrance.
          Bin Laden felt safe here.
          The cave was located in the North Wazinstan region of Pakistan and it would be home to bin Laden for the following seven days. That was the limit that the head of Al Qaeda would spend in any one location. He’d been ducking in and out of caves and safe houses for the past decade. He continued to outwit a score of nations searching for him.
          Much of the cave’s wall space was covered with thick, Persian rugs tacked to the cave walls. The cave, 50 feet wide, extended 65 yards into the mountain-side. Beyond the 65 yards the cave reached into the mountain another 100 feet, but this portion was only 2-3 feet high. Bats and bacteria populated this dark, dripping wet rear area.
          Five other men sat with bin Laden around the coal fire. The 5 were the closest men to the leader of Al Qaeda. Each had been with him for two decades. He trusted each of them more than anyone else on Earth.
          It was December and the mountains of Pakistan were frigid and unfriendly. The bleak skies and the stony mountains blended into a single grayness. Even the most hardy and rigorous green plant life shriveled up during these winter months. The Pakistani world was in hibernation.
          Bin Laden had called this rare meeting, which would find Al Qaeda’s leader and his five top aides in one location, which had not been done since January, 2007. The 5 and their leader were all Sunni Muslims. Three of the men were from bin Laden’s homeland of Saudi Arabia, one was from Iran and one from Pakistan.
          The evening meal was being prepared by two of bin Laden’s personal guards who were among the 15 men assigned to protect the assembled Al Qaeda brain trust. Each of the 15 carried fully loaded Kalashnikov automatic rifles and other side arms. Each was armed with at least one decorated dagger secreted inside their shirts. Their lives were dedicated to protecting bin Laden and his associates.
          Licks from the fire sent shadows and images dancing around the cave walls. Bin Laden’s long and narrow face reflected the light from the fire.
          Bin Laden offered a small cough to get the attention of the 5 men around him. He stretched out his long legs and said, “Thanks to Allah and thanks to you for traveling from your home countries. I know your journeys were long and tiresome. Tomorrow, by noon time you will be on your way home to your families and friends. Hopefully, the miles you have traveled will be beneficial to you and to your countries, even to the world.”
          Running his long fingers through his gray beard, he continued, “For the past 6 months what we planned two years ago has come to fruition. The will of Allah is being expressed around the world. Now we must plan a Fatwa that will further even more our world-wide goals.”
          The five men facing bin Laden were totally under his personal spell.
          “In Iraq, the Americans have withdrawn thousands of their soldiers. Each month that passes will find us defeating the ill-prepared and un-motivated Iraqi armies and before long Iraq will become a full Muslim nation, devoted to no ruler other than Allah. The men of Iraq will soon be our brothers.”
          “Afghanistan and this land of Pakistan will soon be under Allah’s rule. The Americans fighting in these countries have lost their will to win. Before long we will see the Americans and their allies marching home and leaving these countries to be guided by Allah’s laws.”
          “The world is now beginning to see the power of Allah and the turning of one country after another under His rule.”
          “In America our numbers grow, but what America needs is a powerful awakening to our strength. Allah’s forces in America are winning the quiet war there. America is becoming weaker. All of the signs show that America’s resolve is weakening. The world is watching the Americans as their strength declines.”
          “The signs of America weakening are obvious. Their two political parties do little else but fight each other. Their Republican’s single goal is to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. They are becoming a leader-less nation. Their children are growing fat and lazy. Millions upon millions of these Americans are spoiled as little children. Their President Obama has become weakened to the point of an inability to govern. The American public no longer has a stomach to fight wars. These Americans have sold their country to other countries, especially to China. Iran throws insults at the American face and they tremble. Our friends in Iran are close to creating nuclear weapons which will further intimidate the Americans and bring our victory in the Middle East even closer. The Americans are not preparing for a cyber war, which will bring them to their knees in a few years. Our Muslim brothers are gaining in many of the American states. Even their lawmakers are enacting the laws of Sharia in towns across America. Soon Sharia will be equal with the American laws. It is possible that the land of America will soon be devastated by their wanton spending and borrowing and will be unable to pay on their debts and loans. Soon we will be dancing on Wall Street, celebrating the downfall of America.”
          “My brothers, one of our great weapons is that we are at war with America and of this they are not aware. This gives us a great advantage. America’s eyes are focused on other things. America is living in a world of dreams.”
          “One of our goals must be the elimination of the state of Israel. Before the passage of 5 years Israel must disappear.”
          “And so, my brothers, I ask you to return to your home countries to begin planning the attacks around the world. We must bring the laws of Allah to the millions of non-believers.”
          “My brothers, we are reaching the end of the non-believer’s days and the beginning of the days of Allah.”
          “The fires will burn, the tall buildings will fall, the dead will be buried and Allah will rule the world.”
          “So, tomorrow, my brothers. Return to your lands and plan the devastation. Our might lies in our ability to surprise and destruct. Let Allah guide you. I wish you a safe trip home. May Allah be with you all your days.”
          Bin Laden rose to shake the hands and hug of each of his 5 Al Qaeda followers.
          “Allah be with you, my brother.”
          In a small mid-western town in America two young girls went shopping at the mall.
          In a few months their world could change.