One Solution to Medical for All
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Over and Over throughout the history of the U.S.A., men have come up with plans to assist the less fortunate of our society. Relief Societies have begun and become defunct for lack of funds. With each new Administration of our Government, programs not agreeable with the present political point of view have been eliminated.

We are all aware that certain elements of society have found a way to do less work and more complaining. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, and entertainment have taken their toll in emptying the almost empty pockets of the less fortunate. Instead of politicians pulling the unfortunate ones out of the quicksand, they have used their disappearing heads as stepping stones to get themselves over the swamp. What a travesty we find ourselves in in the U.S. as our own coffers are empty and most of the wealth belongs to a fortunate few!

Every candidate for President of the U.S. keeps making promises that they will change things when they get their posh job in the White House. They are promising Free Medicare for all and a host of other freebies that will gain them votes but a lot of disappointment after they get into office. This has repeated and repeated until it has become a broken record! Each candidate has raised millions of dollars to do what?

Every dollar was spent giving them a lavish lifestyle, at the expense of their donors, while they go about making empty promises for when they are elected. Every organization is guilty of promising “Pie in the sky in the sweet by and by”! When will this fiasco end? When will there ever be one politician who will step up to the plate and put his money where his mouth is? Babe Ruth pointed, and delivered! Why? He knew his capabilities! He knew his adversary! Where are the Babe Ruths today? Instead of these candidates using their voices to help people, they use their voices to see how much more money they can squeeze from John Q. Public! We should wise up soon!

With all the money raised for campaigning, the amount needed for Medicare-For-All could be all but wiped out. It is a stain on the American flag how much money has been poured down crawdad holes by these shysters! You may ask, are your hackles up a little? I would have to say an emphatic, YES! What will pay for all the programs solicited by these men and women who spend their time in Washington arguing with the opposite party about trivial things but doing nothing else? Raising taxes, of course! While America was an agrarian society, we had no need of a large central government. Most folks were either farmers or leasing land to feed their families from large landowners. Things went well until unprincipled men saw a way to line their own pockets, doing little for it, and living a life of ease in Washington. The greatest stress they ever had was to vote on some bill that they thought would further their chance of being reelected to their life of ease!

Every candidate running for President at this time has expressed their wish to help the American people. They have spent millions, some of their own money, to make this wish come true. As stated before, most of this money was poured down a crawdad hole. Some was probably saved for a rainy day. Did they really wish to help the American people? Were the men and women running for President really sincere in their efforts?

I have not heard one candidate express their concerns to the point of offering to pay for those who do not have medical coverage. Most of us, through looking to the future, have medical coverage. I am assuming that each candidate has medical coverage, right? Who really wants to help the poor of America? Bill Gates? Michael Bloomberg? Donald Trump? Elizabeth Warren? Joe Biden? Etc. These have all bragged of their ability to raise funds to pour down the crawdad hole, but not one mentioned the fact that they could raise funds to pull America out of this hole we are in! NOT ONE! They are all too busy trying to beat one man! If they beat him, will life improve in America for the little person? Not unless the top echelons of society are willing to step up to the plate and declare, “I will pay for medical coverage for the poor and downtrodden of America!”

If you should come to my home soon and see me very blue in the face it will be because I have been holding my breath waiting for one of these billionaires to step up to the plate!

Footnote: By the way, instead of building those mega cathedrals sitting on most every corner, costing millions, sometimes billions of dollars, taken from their constituents, why don’t these organizations kick in to the pot and start the ball rolling. What an America we could have!