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Week of 2.20.2006
One party system!
          A couple of years ago the Democratic party arose from a deep sleep, swung its legs from bed to floor, stretched its arms skyward, blinked, coughed, rubbed its eyes and decided that all America could hear on the radio were conservative-thinking (and talking) commentators.
          The partially awakened Democrats realized that the only voices on talk-radio were men like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Dennis Prager, among others.
          “We’d better do something,” thought the Democrats.
          And so the Democrats had a meeting. They got their best minds together to solve this difficult problem. “We need to get our message out to America. We need respect.”
          During the second day of the Democrat’s meeting one Southern Democrat was heard to say, “We’re getting our butts kicked on the radio, on television, and on the internet. We’re even getting whipped by the bloggers. We gotta do something and fast!”
          Three days after the meeting had begun the Democrats had their solution to the problem of lost respect and lack of communication with the American public.
          They would hire two people to go on the radio to preach the Democratic gospel.
          These two people would go on the radio and resurrect and enliven the Democratic party.
          Shortly afterwards a limited number or radio stations began broadcasting the Democrats liberal message as proclaimed by the anointed pair.
          The saviors of the Democratic party are two comedians – Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo. Two comedians! The spokespeople for one of America’s two great political parties are comedians.
          All my adult life I’ve been a registered Independent. I’ve had a difficult time putting my faith in a politician or a group of politicians, no matter how attractive, intelligent and honest appearing he, she or they may seem.
          My cynicism was recently fortified by the arrest and conviction of Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham of gross corruption and graft. All this man needed was a printed menu, indicating the costs of his vote on various subjects and projects. He accepted cold cash, boats, cars, furniture and houses in return for his votes, which meant taking taxpayers money and giving it to shady characters if they paid him enough in exchange. A theoretical uncertainty is the consideration that “Duke” Cunningham is the only member of both the Senate and the House that has or will lower himself/herself to the obscene depths of trading votes for money. Do I, for a second, believe that “Duke” Cunningham is the only suspect member of our Congress? No! I wait for “the other shoe to drop.”
          But, back to the Democrats. For a political party that was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1792 the Democratic party members act like neophytes in the game of politics.
          This country needs two strong political parties and right now we have only one – the Republicans.
Leading the way for the Democrats in communicating are the two comedians, Franken and Garofalo.         
          Leading the march towards a presidential campaign are (don’t laugh) Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton and Al Gore. And who do the Democrats select to lead their party to an overall victory in future elections? Screamin’ Howard Dean. 
          What the hell is wrong with the Democrats?
          They have Congressman John Murtha arguing that we should immediately remove our troops from Iraq. They have Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi reacting to every move the President and the Republicans make. I’m starting to get embarrassed at her infantile criticism of anything that is related to her opposition party. I wish the Democrats would find a leader who we can all respect. One who stands tall and isn’t picky and small.
          At the same time that the Democrats are flailing miserably the Republicans go about their business. The Republicans can screw up royally, but the Democrats have so little strength that the Republicans can get away with things like the Katrina debacle, the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Medicare uncertainty, “Duke” Cunningham, a horrific national debt, Chaney’s gun play.
          Amidst all of this the Democrats gathered together and made a cause of proposed legislation concerning whether or not morning-after contraceptives can be sold without a prescription. Oy vey.
          Okay, we’re in Iraq and we shouldn’t have gone there, but we are there and we have to stay there and win (or at least make it look like we won).
          This country needs a strong Democratic party. The Democratic party needs to find some strong, attractive, smart candidates that Americans can support.
          Right now the Republicans can screw up in any number of areas and they can get away with it because the Democrats are so weak.
          I wish the Democrats would quit their bitching, get united and stand for something important. Get your acts together!
           Al Franken, Jeanine Garofalo, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, indeed!
Where are the Democrats?
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Ron Cruger