One Lazy Day
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 by Frank Shortt
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When I ever get the time to spend a lazy day, I like to go down to the ocean-side, along with my wife, Sharon, first to Moss Landing, for lunch at Phil's Fish Market, the best fish lunch in the Monterey bay area. Then after a short walk on the beach directly behind Phil's, we like to take a drive on to Monterey to check out the Antique store on Wave Street, where unfortunately, I do not always find anything of interest. My past trips there were to see a good friend of mine, Tom Cecilio, who has since passed on. 

After the antique store, I like to go on down to Pacific Grove, where my wife, and I usually have reservations at a Bed and Breakfast to spend the night.There is so much to see at Pacific Grove as there are quite a few different denizens of the wild to see and to watch their antics. There are ground squirrels, rabbits, tree squirrels, sea lions, (seals) and birds galore. It is most interesting to watch the pelicans as they dive straight down for unwary fish, filling up their beaks to be swallowed and digested later. Who knows, maybe they even go back to their haunts and feed their young. There is an incessant flow of gulls, terns, and sea eagles, cavorting and fighting each other for tidbits of food left or thrown by tourists. 

Later in the afternoon, after checking into the B and B for the night, a short nap is in order. Between naptime and dinner is the time to take out the binoculars and watch for whales and dolphins out on the endless stretch of ocean to the horizon. It is both exhilarating and relaxing to finally spot the waterspout of a whale or to see dolphins following along behind one of the many fishing boats out of the Monterey Harbor, begging and receiving unwanted parts of fish thrown to them by the fortunate fishermen. Dolphins and Porpoises are some of the most graceful inhabitants of any bay. Their sporting history has taken up many rolls of film in the past and much space on modern digital cameras or smartphones. 

Then, later to dinner at one of the local fish restaurants, to be followed by a leisurely stroll along Lover's Point! Bed begins looking very inviting after so much activity during this 'Lazy Day', especially for the aging set. Ah, off to sleep, 'perchance to dream' about the wonderful breakfast included in the price of the room. We hope this is so after the crazy Pandemic is done and finished!