One Good Mother
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 by Frank Shortt
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To list all the attributes of
One good mother, would take pages.
She has been the symbol of right
Throughout all the countless ages!
She nurses us when we are ill
Makes sure we are comfortable
Late hours meaning nothing to her
She’ll run until she’s not able!
She’s a seamstress, and a chauffeur
A body guard, cook, and servant,
She keeps a ready calendar,
Of all events, so observant!
She’s the chef, cooks all the menu,
Even for the uninvited,
Who pops in unexpectedly?
Just adds some broth, unexcited!
She’s secretary, soccer mom,
Manages all the money too,
Keeps the whole house neat and tidy,
For loyalty, she is true-blue!
Do you children get the idea?
She don’t lie around eating treats!
She’s busy from dawn to dusk,
Then becomes a mate to her sweets!
We need not go any further,
To tell about one good mother!

Mother’s day, May 13, 2018