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-A country that was called the Land of the Free! Freedoms, due to 'political correctness' are dwindling daily. Politics is causing a 'great divide' among the populace!

-A country that came together for crises. During the 9-11 days there seemed to be a 'coming together' for a common cause. Later, some were accused of racial bias toward other factions. This has led to the fact that some are not able to express themselves about anything for fear of being called a racist.

-A way to get things passed through the legislative process. There were disagreements on both sides, but eventually a solution was reached to get things moving again. Now, there is a log jam that will take a mighty hand to break it up. One side is afraid that if they agree to what the other side is saying, they will get no credit, and vice-versa! Why are we paying Senators and Representatives good taxpayer money to sit up there in Washington and argue? When will this fiasco end?

-A country who had never heard the name Trump until he became a T.V. star. It is too bad that for the last several years, actors have taken front seat in most political debates. After all, they are trained to speak publicly and use their voices to twist things around to their advantage. When it all boils down to the bottom of the pot, they are still simply actors!

-A country whose leaders cared more for their constituents than their own political agenda. Some men were willing to give even their very lives for others who were under oppression. Where are our Abraham Lincolns? Where are our John Hancocks? Where are the Patrick Henrys who said, "Give me liberty or give me death?" Where is Medger Evers who was shot down for a cause that he was willing to die for?

-A country where anyone who wished to own a gun could do so without being castigated. Most guns were owned by those who wanted to hunt legal game. Sure, there were murders, but mostly by those who wanted a quick way to gain money. There were not stockpiles of multi-clip automatic weapons held by those who are running scared and wince at the least provocation. Fear is a nasty thing! It will cause a person to do irrational things because he or she has gotten into their own mind and do not consider the consequences of their actions and the number of people it will affect!

-A country where anyone could leave their homes without even locking the doors! Could you imagine this happening today? The spirit of lawlessness prevails. Take what you can, while you can, even from your own closest relatives! Use any means to obtain your goals. It was said by a great evangelist one time that there would come a day when each of us would have to protect our loved ones and our property at the point of a gun! It is a very difficult thing to have to point a revolver in the face of a neighbor because his mind overwhelmed him to the point of taking what was not his. Looting and chaos has taken hold in most large cities. These are the incidents that are portrayed graphically on our television screens via the news and cop shows! Could movies and graphic games be the largest part of the problem?

-A country where there was freedom of religion. It has come to the point that a person can no longer express a belief in any Deity for fear that it will offend a person of another persuasion! This is to the point that they will even fight each other and accuse each other of racism if they think the other person is a member of a group opposed to their way of thinking! We hear a lot about 'supremacy' nowadays! Most times they will not even wait for the other person to express their views!

-A country where citizens were not lovers of themselves. There was loyalty among families, devotion to each member of the family. Of course, there have always been exceptions to the rule of order! Due to the large population explosion, the influx of negativity, the hatred of races, all these things have changed. I would like to say, "for the better", but it is getting more and more difficult to see the positive in any country!