Old Faithful
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 by Frank Shortt
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The only lasting ‘Old Faithful’ is a tried and true friend that you can depend upon. True friends have been known to face blizzards, earthquakes, tornadoes, and a host of other obstacles to keep their word to another friend.

True friendship is rapidly becoming lost! Technology is replacing even decent conversation. Marriages have become complacent and end up in divorce because of one or the other participant’s inability to communicate properly. While going out to dinner with friends, it seems that cell phones and I-books or Kindle books are more important than having a pleasant conversation. The family circle is rapidly being broken by technology. It can be observed in stores and restaurants that children will scream at their parents and even kick and strike them if they are denied the use of their parent’s gadgets.

‘Old Faithful’ in Yellowstone Park was named so because she would usually erupt sometime within an hour. Following the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake, her plumbing was somehow moved around, now the period of time between Old Faithful’s eruptions have become longer. Now, Old Faithful isn’t faithful anymore. She’s a shadow of the gal she once was. There are others who are pushing for her coveted spot, but she will always have a shining memory.

The wait for ‘Old Faithful’ is now more like a chore! The only clue she gives is when she begins to spew. Her only claim to fame is when she really roars, which she is apt to do sometimes. Her geyser sometimes reaches from 90 to 184 feet and lasts as long as 5 minutes. How much longer will she continue to do this?

Old Faithful isn’t faithful anymore
Her timing’s off and she’s not quite as high
But she’ll always have a place in people’s hearts
Even if her end is drawing nigh.

They say that nature is sometimes a type of how human beings treat each other. If a certain area becomes too volatile, nature will react with some displays of her own. Does this explain all the natural disasters around the world? Have men become so violent in nature that in order to vent, they take other lives? Ecuador’s government has been treating her citizens with disdain for several years. Is the recent earthquake a wake-up call for her? What about Japan?

Remembering the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake, citizens of California walked softly for quite some time afterward. The least shake and men became braced for a larger jolt. Soon, this too wore off and men became hardened once again. The same thing happened during the 911 attacks. America’s pride was jolted as the attacks were enacted within her borders. Men walked softly afterward, showing more respect for fellow men. National patriotism was at a height unknown since World War2. What happened to that? Are we due another jolt?

Recent presidential debates, with childlike rivalry between candidates and asinine name-calling, have led the whole world to believe that Americans in general are a hard-hearted lot bent on world conquest. America has the means to be a friend to all nations, but will she allow a few men and women to give her a bad name throughout the world? Who is truly running America?

America used to be called the land of the free. An ‘Old Faithful’ friend to the hordes of immigrants that stormed her shores in the early days of our democracy. Recent acts by illegal immigrants have been used to harden the softest hearts. America is overdue a jolt to change her plumbing around and cause her to become less judgmental, as well as, to once again recognize the importance of true friendship.