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 by Laramie Boyd
Oh Brother
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          Politicians, newscasters, journalists, anyone you see or hear in the aftermath of the presidential election, Republicans or Democrats, they are all speechless when trying to explain "What Happened!" Republican congressional leaders seem dumbfounded by the results. Apparently the Democrats couldn't come to grips with the first result either, since a second count was called for, with the same resulting winner. There were no next-day "I told you so" revelers this time around, except maybe Michael Moore, who said he predicted a Trump victory. Who knows? Rubbing salt in the wound, president-elect Donald Trump received more votes over loser Hillary Clinton the second time electoral votes were counted. Will there be a call for a "third time is a charm" vote? I guess losing isn't easy when all your hopes and dreams are dashed, going from a virtually unanimous prediction of victory by everyone on both sides of the aisle, to a resounding "double defeat".
        Then came the sour grapes. "We was robbed!", as Dodger fans used to say in Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York. Or, "The electoral college needs to be revamped. It isn't fair. We got the popular vote. We shoulda' won." I wonder what the losers will think of next in an attempt to unseat the winner. As, in fact, Trump won. Now, get over it. Do we hear, "Let's move on." Or will the losers spend the next several years trying to break down the election process rather than trying to heal the divide in the country. Losin' ain't easy, but it is final.
        I can't imagine the anguish and disappointment Mrs. Clinton surely must feel. And rightly so. All signs pointed to, if not a runaway, at least a convincing defeat of the pompous billionaire wearing a baseball cap, emblazoned with the slogan "Make America Great Again." Can you picture Harry Truman or Abe Lincoln, or George Washington wearing a baseball cap all during their campaigns? I wonder if Hillary will ever get over the insulting results after so much egotistical confidence in her campaign rhetoric, from her made up "I made a mistake with my e-mails" to "What difference does it make" in Benghazi. Who knows what the real reason(s) for her loss turns out to be in the future history books. In any event, the purported "Clinton Dynasty" is no longer. No more Oval Office charades, swiftly "forgiven" for political reasons. No more Clintons getting filthy rich while pandering to the less fortunate for votes. Even daughter Chelsea somehow increased her total assets. The Clinton's time is up. The game is over. And to them, it was a game with very few rules, and even those few were broken, over and over. But let's all not be too bitterly vindictive. Let's think about forgiveness and how it might apply in this circumstance. Even The Donald, when asked about Hillary going to jail for her misdeeds, said that he didn't care any more. It didn't matter. And they didn't matter. And that's the way it is for now, until the next political fiasco pops up when some new kid on the block might be castigated for "behavior unbecoming" a presidential candidate, making empty promises, at the expense of those who put him on that spot in the first place. How does it go, "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it"? Will those who put "President Trump" in the White House look back on the past weeks as "days of infamy?" Things should get really interesting very soon, as the "buck stops" at Mr. Trump.