Oh, Bama, What Next?
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        "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Let's change was to is and say it is the worst of times. To me, it's even worse than Clinton getting sex in the oral, oops, oval office, or Nixon lying to us on TV about a Watergate break in, or Reagan hiding facts about the Iran Contra affair. Maybe it's even worse than Michael Jackson holding a baby out over a balcony by its arms or Lyndon Johnson holding his Basset Hound up by its ears. Maybe now is the worst of times! And the statements below are cases in point. Have you heard some of these lately?
        - If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.( A cartoon characterization in a daily paper showed President Obama on the phone to German Chancellor Angela Merkel saying "Trust me Angela, if you like your privacy, you can keep your privacy", after she found out he had been spying on her.)
        - You can enroll online, on the phone, or stop by in person. (Do any of these work?)
        - Millions of people have received cancellation notices from their insurers because they aren't compliant with new requirements for coverage. (Huh?)
        - Americans whose plans have been cancelled can choose to reenroll and keep their policies for a year.(Catch is, do the insurers have to honor re-enrollees?)
        - This fix won't solve every problem, but it will help a lot of people. (How many is a lot?)
        - We fumbled the rollout. (Put the blame where it lies. I, not we, fumbled!)
        - Industry officials have called Mr. Obama's reversal unworkable. (They understand that, why doesn't he?)
         - President Obama has to win back his credibility. (Syria, Benghazi, debt, lies, Afghanistan, Affordable Care Act, that's a lot to forgive.)
        - Fellow Democrats are urging President Obama to make some changes. (Democrats are introducing anti-Obama care laws as we speak.)
        - A White House spokesman said The President is working to fix the problems with the Health Care law and other challenges facing Americans. (Is "working" just giving speeches others have prepared and admitting he doesn't have a clue?)
        - The President says he would oppose any Republican plan to let people keep their old plans any longer, as it would undercut the "structure" of the Affordable Health Care Act. (Isn't the "structure" of the ACA the problem?)
        - Obama retreats on Health Care rules and Immigration. (Is he beginning to see the light?)
        - Democrats step up pressure on President Obama to fix the Health Law. (It's election time, I gather.)
        - Mr. Obama's news conference was "like a person who burned down your house, later showing up with an empty bucket and talking about how inadequate your house was before the fire." (And no amount of talking about the weather, or the economy, or the American Dream, or even kissing babies, will draw attention away from the political mess the country is in. It is not "business as usual" in America.)
        - The President's Obamacare backpedal is likely to do more harm than good. (The Obama shuffle is beginning to look like the Clinton spin, isn't it?)
        I wonder if only the Conservatives are stunned and bewildered and fed up with the White House. Is it humanly possible that there are Liberals who support the President's actions in the current Health care, web site, and enrollment procedure fiasco, or any of his blunders, including lying to the American people? Do some people really think we should leave the poor guy alone, saying he's having a hard enough time as it is, fumbling around in Washington, trying to find a way to save face in a way that would save votes in the next election, while he vacillates in bewilderment on issues. Sorry, but we do not need a "poor guy" in the White House who is banking on script writers to find a way to explain to the American people what went wrong, and how others are to blame, whether the issues are on the economy, foreign relations, national security, or social issues.
        The White House needs fixing. We need a serious, competent, informed leader who can restore credibility in our government, one who will not spend his time stubbornly worrying about his "legacy", but rather, in a bipartisan manner, consider what's best for the country, not his party affiliation. I believe Obama does not have the ability to do that. We need a leader who is not a headline in every other news broadcast that describes another foul up, another national or international embarrassment. I believe his goal now is to save his image and the face of his administration so he won't be called the "worst president in history." And as a loyal American, these beliefs are not easy to have to admit about the President of the United States.