Oh, Adonai
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 by Frank Shortt
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Was He aware, this Adonai, of all the moaning and groaning emanating from the muddy pit? How these broken excuses for men were able to lift the picks and shovels was a miracle in itself!

This slavery had gone on for days with barely a break from the monotony of the exhaled, labored breathing! These men knew that a trial was in progress in Hitler’s barracks of the doomed. Every man in the barracks knew the purpose of their vote, in the negative, it was assumed! What did these beleaguered creatures have of hope? They knew all along why they were shipped to this particular compound!

Each pitiful figure wore the six-pointed star on the front of their uniforms, if one could call these rags uniforms! The star was to signify to what race he belonged. The thought on each mind of these skeletons, with skin stretched over bone, as they dug their own final resting place, was, “Who have I wronged? What have I done to deserve this torture? When will this uncertainty and torment end?”

Adonai was on trial for breach of covenant! Brothers were pitted against aging brothers with no mercy shown for any positive action performed by anyone! “Has Adonai forsaken us? Has he favored another as His chosen people?” The walls of the pit only echoed back, “What made you think He ever favored you? Whoever taught you that we were a chosen people?”

“Oh, Adonai, search the hearts of your neglected children! See if there is iniquity inside us! Reveal to us your eternal plan as to why we are partially blinded and what, if any, is our sin! The pit awaits us, dug by our own gritty and aching hands, hands that once held pencil and pen in the offices of the finest cities of Europe. Hands that labored night and day, so that economies could be built up, hoping to be able to benefit thereby! Oh, Adonai, where ends this Nazi spree? Are we doomed for no purpose?”

“As clods of black mud descend on our faces, as we hear the laughter of the Nazi guards as they spit upon us in the pit, as they curse us for being your chosen, Adonai, is it only at this time that we will be truly free?”

So ends a tale that was repeated throughout Europe at a time when a proud people had become the scapegoat of an egomaniac dictator! It is said that because he had a small portion of the blood that flowed through the veins of the enslaved ones, he had come to hate them worse than anything he had ever hated in his life! Beware lest the same fate befall the chosen ones of this day and time! Then they too will cry, “Oh, Adonai!”